Sunday, June 20

The G7 expected to donate vaccines to the poorest after the promises of J. Biden and B. Johnson

The United States set the tone for the G7 summit: we must move towards a more equitable sharing of anti-Covid-19 vaccines.

By promising 500 million doses of vaccines for poor countries, Joe Biden put pressure on other heads of state. Great Britain, host of the meeting, has already pledged 100 million doses. other G7 leaders will have to present their precise and quantified contribution.

In the end, the G7 should commit to redistributing at least 1 billion doses of vaccines to poor countries.

The United States had been criticized for months for not having exported the vaccines it produces, they want to make up for it.

“The United States will buy half a billion doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine to donate to nearly 100 nations that desperately need it, as part of the fight against this pandemic. This is a step forward. history, the largest purchase and donation of Covid-19 vaccines ever made by a single country “ solemnly declared Joe Biden.

Yesterday, President Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson displayed a united front on the pandemic. More broadly, they approved a new “Atlantic Charter” to reaffirm their promise of unity in the face of the main challenges of this century: cybersecurity, emerging technologies, global health and climate change.

“The discussions were great, they lasted a long time, we covered a huge number of topics, and it’s wonderful to listen to the Biden administration and Joe Biden. There are so many things they want to do with it. us, from security, to NATO, to climate change, and it’s fantastic, it’s a breath of fresh air, there’s a lot of things they want us to do together. “

After the turbulent years of Donald Trump’s presidency and the missed 2020 meeting in the United States due to the pandemic, Boris Johnson’s enthusiasm is undoubtedly the feeling that animates all the leaders arriving for this G7 summit in Cornwall, in the seaside resort of Carbis Bay.

But this commitment of the G7 on the redistribution of vaccines is insufficient for many NGOs like Oxfam or Avaaz who sent a message from the beach of Watergate.

They are calling for the suspension of vaccine patents to allow mass production.

It will be discussed, but if Washington and Paris are in favor, Germany strongly opposes it.

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