Sunday, June 20

Final balance of the electoral campaign

I do not know, at the time of writing this Sieve, the electoral result of Madrid. I propose to comment on some aspects of the electoral campaign that seem relevant to me and that perhaps have had a certain effect on the final count of participation and votes.

A common feature of all the candidacies has been the emotional message rather than the reflective one. The absence of debates and the excess of homilies of the rally have favored simplicity and sentimentality to the taste of all candidates.

On the left, absurd appeals to the danger of fascism are part of the imaginary podemita. Imaginary that even has dragged the PSOE candidate and ministers involved in the campaign.

On the right there has been a personal adhesion to the PP candidate because, without a doubt, the president Isabel Diaz Ayuso It has managed the Covid-19 crisis in a much more reasonable way than the National Government and the rest of the regional governments.

The left has been out of the Madrid government for 30 years because it is a 21st century region while they are anchored in the middle of the 20th century. They have no remedy, unless they are updated.

Turn right wastes the opportunity to be a reformist benchmark for the nation as a whole.

I am going to put an example.

Madrid gathers a regional Assembly of 136 deputies (who earn salaries almost similar to those of Congress deputies) for a population of six and a half million inhabitants and an area of ​​8,000 km2.

The state of Texas measures almost 700,000 km2 (a third more than Spain) and has 150 representatives (who do not live from politics) elected by districts. Those representatives earn $ 7,000 a year, plus reduced allowances per session of the plenary session of the State Congress. The comparative figures of Texas with the province of Madrid are scary, both in deputies and in salaries, extension and number of inhabitants.

This slope a reformist project that recovers the leading role of civil society (as we live and proposed by the PP during the 90s of last century) and the consequent decrease in the weight of the State.

The Podemos party, abducted by the PCE, has gone into a tailspin. The caste, the IBEX has disappeared and they have invented the fascism due to the absence of any referent. All this aggravated by the delusion of gender of Mrs. Montero with the boy, girl, baby

More Madrid benefits from the decline of Podemos, although its candidate is a very rare doctor whose project is to tear down a new hospital in the middle of a pandemic.

The PSOE candidate has given numerous lurching. He began by denying the tax increase while his fellow socialists in the Government did not stop designing new taxes and levies. Angel Gabilondo He reneged on the alliance with “this Iglesias” to, a few days later, ask for their support: “Pablo, we have twelve days left.” Clearly your campaign manager is a mess.

Citizens fight from the decline, which is a very difficult position. The errors of Albert Rivera and the Murcia operation from Inés Arrimadas they have left the party on the edge of the precipice. For the rest, Ciudadanos lacks reformist proposals, beyond its vindication of the center geographical.

It has been enough for the PP to continue on the crest of the wave. You got the word out communism O socialism of his electoral poster, but neither does he list half a dozen measures of change about what we suffer. The expensive letter of domiciliary petition of the vote for the PP is only a photo of Ayuso. It seems like a reminder, almost a stamp. They should read a little about possible reforms so that the PP is something more than a refugee vote against interventionism and the tax voracity of the left.

Vox has carried out, fundamentally, a reactive campaign, except for its proposal to reduce by half the members of the Madrid Assembly. Vox proposes to prevent the PP from following the policies of the left, which is very commendable, and insists on pointing out the dangers of illegal immigration and insecurity.

In summary. Except for the growing weight of social networks, the resemblance of this electoral campaign to the previous ones suggests that the defects of public management will continue unless, at once, the main parties address a reformist agenda.

For now nothing similar emerges.

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