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Joe Biden Executive Order on Use of Gun Violence

  • US President Joe Biden enlists for executive order to curb violence
  • A ‘wave’ of firearm incidents have unleashed in the country in recent months
  • They seek to stop violence with a series of actions through the signing of the document

In the midst of a ‘wave’ of violent events with the use of firearms and with the tragic balance of several fatalities, the president of the United States, Joe Biden is getting ready for an executive order to stop them, according to the news portal of Politico.

In the midst of the pandemic season, in various parts of the country there have been violent events in society that show firearms, many have been family conflicts that have ended in tragedy and the common denominator is the use of weapons.


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The event in the capitol was one of the most recent and that is why the United States authorities, led by Joe Biden, are seeking an executive order that encompasses a series of actions aimed at stopping that violence.

Everything is ready for the signing of that document to take place this Thursday and only three months after the president took office, after a controversial result and the opposition of Donald Trump to leave power.


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To measure the situation in the United States, just on April 3 it was reported that two shootings over the weekend left at least three dead and nine injured, which triggered the alerts of the authorities.

In addition, recently a man came to his daughter’s party and there he killed her mother and her two sisters, in the end he also decided to end his life and committed suicide, the little girl was orphaned and sheltered by her relatives.


Joe Biden executive order
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In addition, President Joe Biden was already receiving pressure from a group of activists who hoped that he would fulfill his campaign promise to take action on actions to curb gun violence from the first day of his term.

Just this Wednesday night, a senior official in Joe Biden’s administration told reporters: “The president will not wait for Congress to act before the administration takes our own action, solely within the authority of the administration and the Second Amendment, to save lives. “


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Since last week, more than 100 House Democrats have written to Joe Biden to encourage him to take action on concealed assault-style firearms, which is similar to the one used in the Colorado shooting in which 10 were killed. persons.

The actions contemplated are aimed at a better review of the permits and restrict their purchase or use in American territory, after several violent events ended with the tragic balance of several deaths.


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One of the first points that Joe Biden will establish in the executive order is the order for the Department of Justice to start, in 30 days, request the buyers of the well-known ghost weapons – homemade or improvised firearms that do not have serial numbers – accept background checks and, within 60 days, regulate robbery-style concealed firearms, according to the White House.

It will also order the Department of Justice to provide the states in 60 days with the red flag law plan that will empower the courts to order the temporary recall of firearms from a citizen who is considered a risk to himself or others, in addition to issue a report on firearms trafficking.


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However, other actions are also contemplated, such as the order to five federal agencies to design money strategies to help prevent community violence. In turn, the Department of Health and Human Services will advise states how to use Medicaid money for the prevention of gun violence.

This information would be released this Thursday, and in the middle of another violent news, a shooting in South Carolina that leaves five dead, including two children, violence that every day worries both the authorities and society itself. .


Joe Biden executive order
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This day Joe Biden will announce David Chipman, a longtime former ATF agent, as a candidate to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The agency will be key to the executive branch over weapons, according to the White House.

The executive actions are expected to be released based on four people familiar with plans to curb firearm violence. The White House confirmed the report Wednesday night and the executive order is expected.


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On the appointment, Richard Blumenthal, senator and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said: “David has not only served on the front lines in the fight against gun violence, he knows the prevention policies backwards and forwards.”

And he added: “ATF needs permanent leadership, having only had one director confirmed by the Senate since 2006”, this by way of approval for one of the first points of Joe Biden’s executive order.


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But not everything looks rosy, as Joe Biden’s actions with his executive order will be closely watched, and for this reason the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade association for the firearms industry, said it will “carefully review” these. measures.

In a statement the association stated: “When such orders exceed its legal authority and usure the power of Congress to make law, NSSF will take all appropriate measures to protect the interests of our industry and the Second Amendment rights of our clients.”


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The violence unleashed by the use of firearms in the United States has already resonated in all corners of the country and Po Murray, president of the Newtown Action Alliance, a group formed after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut in 2012, spoke out.

“It is clear that there will be more and more tragic mass shooting incidents that will force you to act. We are losing 100 Americans to gun violence every day and it is not sustainable, ”he said following news of the executive order.


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However, the White House did not remain silent in the face of criticism for the violence unleashed with firearms and the senior official who gave the details, came out in defense of the administration of President Joe Biden.

“This is an initial set of actions to advance President Biden’s gun violence reduction agenda.” He added that this will be the first step in a series of actions to address mass shootings, community violence, domestic violence and suicide with firearms.

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