Tuesday, May 18

Crisis in Jordan: King Abdullah II says sedition has been quelled

King Abdullah II of Jordan received the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, as if nothing had happened. The latter, who came for the 100 years of the kingdom (April 11), assured the King of Jordan of the will of the European Union to continue their long-term partnership and to contribute to prosperity and stability.

But last week, the country was rocked by an alleged plot to destabilize the kingdom that allegedly involved the king’s half-brother, Prince Hamza.

In his first comments, read on Jordanian television, Abdullah II wanted to reassure the country, “the challenge of the last few days has been shocking and painful”, he said, but “I assure you that the sedition has been hushed up. in the bud, and that “Prince Hamza is today with his family, in his palace, under my responsibility”.

Last Saturday, 18 people suspected of sedition were arrested and Prince Hamza then released videos indicating that he had been placed under house arrest in Amman. He also then denied the allegations of conspiracy against him and in return accused the power of “corruption” and “incompetence”.

Monday a family mediation would have taken place and Hamza, stripped of the title of crown prince of Jordan since 2004, would have promised, in a letter signed by his hand, to remain faithful to King Abdullah.

Among the suspects arrested on Saturday are Bassem Awadallah, a former head of the royal office, hated by a large part of the population, and Cherif Hassan ben Zaid, who was once the king’s special envoy to Saudi Arabia. The identity of the other suspects remains unknown.

Since then, the king and the authorities of Jordan have imposed a general ban on publishing information regarding the investigation into this royal conflict. There is therefore no longer any article on what had been described as an “evil plan” aimed at “destabilizing the throne of Jordan”. And Prince Hamza has not been seen in public again.


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