Wednesday, April 14

This is Mercadona’s new pizza “made with sourdough”: it is already sweeping for 3.30 euros

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The supermarket Valencian Mercadona has launched a new pizza with the aim of to struggle with fresh pizzas from the restoration chains specialists in popular food Italian. The entity of Juan Roig has started to sell a pizza Margarita “made with sourdough”. This is now ready to bake at 220 degree and serve in the way that most appeals to the consumer.

Thus, customers of Mercadona can now take home this pizza from 410 grams by 3,30 euros (8.05 euros per kilogram). Pizza from FarmerFurthermore, it has Spanish origin, since the company that produces them is Casa Tarradellas, based in Barcelona. And, as indicated on the packaging, it is made with “long fermentation dough of up to 24 hours“.

Despite its careful preparation, this product contains gluten, so it is not suitable for coeliacs. Even so, this new product is revolutionizing the networks. “It is very good, although for my taste it would be even better if the dough were thinner,” he says. Matsu in it Instagram of the news of Mercadona. Other consumers criticize, however, the “lack of cheese.”

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the rotation of products in Mercadona it is common. As is finding something in a supermarket that is not in another, even if it is from the same chain. So maybe it can be in your Mercadona or maybe it hasn’t arrived yet. This product, at least, has been seen in the de Guadalajara.

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