Sunday, April 18

Texas Governor Reopens State Despite COVID-19 Warnings

“I’m ending the mask order,” Gregg Abbott declared.

AD. Gregg Abbott set March 10 as the date to reopen all stores without restrictions. | Photo: Efe.

On Tuesday, Governor Gregg Abbott announced the total reopening of Texas at the state level, with the elimination of the mandatory use of the mask to prevent contagion of COVID-19. The high official thus dismissed the warnings of public health authorities to overcome the pandemic.

Texas became the first state to eliminate the mask order. As of Wednesday, March 10, all businesses will be able to reopen without restrictions, Abbott announced in statements to the press from the city of Lubbock.

“Too many Texans have been cut off from job opportunities. Too many small business owners have struggled to pay their bills. This has to stop. It is time to open Texas to 100% (…) I also end the order of the mask, ”said the governor.

At the same time, he urged Texans to uphold their personal responsibility and abide by medical advice. He said he based the reopening on vaccination, which will have reached more than 7 million doses applied next week.

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