Wednesday, April 14

Yemen: the threat of large-scale famine

The war in Yemen has already killed tens of thousands of people. The UN is sounding the alarm bells today over the threat of large-scale famine. More than 100 governments and individual donors are attending a virtual meeting co-hosted by Sweden and Switzerland on Monday. Euronews s’ is met with the secretary general of Norwegian Refugee Council. He went to the country.

I have met mothers with skeletal babies. They told me that since the food rations were halved last year they could no longer breastfeed. __16 million people are in need of food aid in Yemen. It is the world’s largest community in need. If the donors’ conference does not succeed now there will be a famine unlike the world since the 1980s in Ethiopia and the Sahel. The war is not over, the conflict must end, there are still 40 lines of conflict in the country. And we also need more funds from Gulf countries, Europe, North America, Japan, all donor countries“, explains Jan Egeland, general secretary of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Relaunch political dialogue

The United Nations hopes to raise more than 3.5 billion dollars from donor countries to prevent large-scale famine, after missing half of the funds needed last year.

Moreover, the conference comes at a time when the United States seeks to relaunch political dialogue to resolve the conflict.

Among the few recent good news, the Biden administration not only removed the Houthi rebels from the list of “terrorist organizations”, the Houthis who control 75% of the population here, but also stopped supporting the coalition’s military intervention. and say they are pushing for peace and negotiations “, explains Jan Egeland.

The moment is therefore crucial according to the UN, which warns against the worsening of this humanitarian disaster.

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