Sunday, April 18

Labor dispute | Accueil Bonneau requests the appointment of a conciliator

(Montreal) Accueil Bonneau asks the Quebec government to appoint a conciliator, judging the union’s demands as “irresponsible”.

The Canadian Press

In a statement released Sunday morning, the Montreal nonprofit argued that only a conciliator could bridge the gap between management and the union.

Management estimates that by taking union demands into account, it would see its costs increase by 20% and its workers would reduce their workload.

Accueil Bonneau argues that working conditions are already “beyond those of comparable organizations in the community”.

The management, which accuses the union of ignoring the negotiating table, assures us that its objective “is not to reduce the number of employees nor the working conditions, but to adapt services to the needs of our customers”.

“We want to develop new modes of intervention in collaboration with our employees,” she added.

The Accueil Bonneau Workers Union, which is affiliated with the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN), demonstrated a few days ago to challenge a management decision. According to the union, she has chosen to abolish frontline worker positions and replace them with security guards.

This had the effect of “decimating the union executive on the eve of the start of negotiations for a new employment contract,” the union said in a statement.

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