Sunday, April 18

Israel confirms vaccination of Palestinians with Israeli work permit

Israel will vaccinate tens of thousands of Palestinians with permits to work in Israeli territory or settlements in the occupied West Bank, Israeli authorities confirmed on Sunday.

The Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas announced on February 19 an agreement with Israel to vaccinate against Covid-19 some 100,000 Palestinians working in Israeli territory, where a vast and intense vaccination campaign is being carried out.

While the Israeli authorities had reported talks on this subject with the Palestinians, they had not confirmed the launch of such a vaccination campaign for Palestinian workers.

But on Sunday, “the political level approved […] the holding of a vaccination campaign for Palestinian workers with work permits for Israel and communities in Judea and Samaria (name given by the Jewish state to settlements in the West Bank), ”Cogat said in a message to the media , the body of the Ministry of Defense that oversees civilian activities in the Palestinian Territories.

This vaccination campaign, led in particular by Cogat and the Israeli Ministry of Health, will begin in the “coming days” at entry points from the occupied West Bank to Israel and in “industrial zones” in Israeli settlements, he said. added Cogat, specifying that Palestinian workers would receive doses of Moderna vaccines.

More than 4.65 million Israelis (50% of the population) have received at least a first dose since the launch, on December 19, of a vaccination campaign thanks to an agreement with the Pfizer laboratory, which quickly supplies the country in exchange for biomedical data on the effect of the vaccine.

The Palestinians received just over 30,000 doses of vaccines, including 2,000 from Israel, which pledged to provide 5,000. And the Palestinian Minister of Health, Mai al-Kaila, alerted these last days on a “very worrying” epidemiological situation in the West Bank due to an upsurge in the number of cases among young people.

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