Sunday, February 28

Georgia: thousands of demonstrators march against power

Georgian and European flags were waved in numbers this Friday in Tbilisi.

United opposition against power

Several thousand people marched through the Georgian capital to demand new parliamentary elections after the contested victory last October of the ruling party.

At the head of the procession, the leaders of the various opposition parties:

“Today the whole Georgian opposition is united to send a strong message to the government of the oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili, underlines Giorgi Baramidze, member of the United National Movement and former Prime Minister. This country needs de-escalation. We need new parliamentary elections in order to meet the democratic standards required to join NATO and the European Union. “

Joining the European Union or returning to the Russian fold

We believe that Georgia today is at a crossroads, adds opponent David Bakradze. The time has come for the country to decide whether to continue its European development and democratic evolution or whether to turn around and return to Russia, under the influence of Moscow. “

Anger escalated this week after the arrest of opposition figure Nika Melia, accused of organizing “massive violence” during protests. The demonstrators, who marched to Parliament, are determined to keep the pressure on those in power, as our correspondent in Georgia Leo Sikharulidze explains:

Opposition leaders have expressed their intentions for the days to come. In particular, they are considering the blocking of various government buildings, including the Parliament and the State Chancellery. Protesters erected additional tents in the middle of the street which police later removed. Despite the restrictions and curfew imposed by the Georgian government due to the Covid-19, some protesters intend to spend the night in front of the Parliament.”

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