Thursday, February 25

“I saw Lapuerta give Esperanza a brown envelope with 60,000”, says Bárcenas without proof

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“It was a small brown envelope that had to have the money in 500 bills because it was not bulky,” said former PP national treasurer Luis Bárcenas to Judge García-Castellón in relation to an alleged donation of 60,000 euros that, according to him, delivered a businessman to be specifically destined to the PP of Madrid at the time of Esperanza Aguirre.

Bárcenas gave a statement this Wednesday as a witness in the Púnica case after submitting a letter to the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office announcing his willingness to collaborate with the Justice in this procedure, still under investigation; in the proceedings of the so-called papers of Bárcenas and in the case on the reform of the central headquarters of the PP in Genova street, whose trial will resume next Monday.

The former person in charge of the PP accounts, in prison after being sentenced to 29 years in prison for the Gürtel case, has argued that both Aguirre and the general secretary of the PP in Madrid (a position held by different people, such as Ignacio Aguirre or Francisco Granados , according to the times) learned through the manager Beltrán Gutierrez that “electoral financing existed” and “the limit” of funds allowed by the legislation in electoral campaigns was exceeded.

“We have received donations from builders who wanted the funds to be applied
directly to the electoral campaign in Madrid, “he said. He cited only one case, that of businessman Luis Gálvez, from the Ploder company, who according to Bárcenas,” in 2007 or 2008 visited Álvaro Lapuerta and me. “

“We knew her because she had already collaborated with us with donations to the central PP, he added.

On that occasion “he gives us 60,000 euros and tells us that he wants them to be used for the Esperanza campaign. Álvaro and I went down to the first floor together [sede del PP de Madrid en Génova], where Esperanza, Granados and Beltrán were, and President Aguirre was given the money in an envelope. “

According to Bárcenas, Lapuerta – now deceased – asked Aguirre to call the donor “to verify that his requirement that the money go to the PP in Madrid had been met.”

The ex-treasurer of the PP said that he estimates that Aguirre’s PP over-financed each electoral campaign with donation funds “around 300,000 or 400,000 euros in cash.”

“Do you have any corroboration that can give some credibility to your word, more
Beyond talking ‘without a doubt’? “, the prosecutor asked. Bárcenas admitted that he has no evidence beyond his word that” the judge will have to assess, “he said.” My word is valid like that of any other witness. ” .

To questions from the investigating judge, he also admitted not knowing if the alleged donations to the PP of Madrid had compensation in the award of works or contracts to donors.

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