Sunday, April 18

From confinement to curfew, how can philosophy help us in the face of the ambient depression?

As the periods of confinement and curfew follow one another, a certain weariness sets in. A gloom, even a depression, accentuated by the permanent uncertainty in which our daily lives are now plunged. According to surveys conducted by Public Health France, the prevalence of depressive states has more than doubled between September and November 2020.

How can philosophy help us overcome this ordeal? What are the readings “Refuges” in which to dive? What are the virtues of this period? How to keep a form of serenity? Philosopher Marie Robert will answer your questions on Wednesday February 24 at 6:30 p.m.

Professor of letters and philosophy, Marie Robert is the author of Kant you don’t know what to do anymore, the philosophy remains and of Descartes for the days of doubt. She also hosts the podcast “Philosophy is sexy”, where she tackles everyday subjects through the prism of philosophy.

Last published works:

Penelope’s Voyage, Flammarion, 2020.

Descartes for the days of doubt – And other inspiring philosophers, Flammarion, 2019.

Kant you don’t know what to do anymore, the philosophy remains, Flammarion, 2018.

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