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The fight between two squatting families in Alicante to enter the house of a man as soon as he died

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The National Police and firefighters found a man who had been dead for 10 days in an apartment in Alicante. With the corpse still inside the house, outside there was a dispute. The shoving took place at the doors of the neighborhood social housing building Miguel Hernández of Alicante, on Catedrático Soler avenue. Two agents had to intervene: the two families involved in the altercation intended to squat the house where the deceased was still.

In the end, the Generalitat had to order an armored door to avoid squatting the property. Two agents guarded the place until the placement of this element, since both families were about to come to blows.

According to the newspaper Information, which uncovered the news, one of the families “wielded the registration certificate of the grandmother of one of the people who was fighting for the house claiming the right to take over her.”

It should be noted that the deceased He was a man in his seventies. Had family, although he lived alone and could go days without talking to them. That is the reason why the agents took 10 days to discover it, after the neighborhood warning when they saw that he did not answer and water was pouring out the door of the house. The members of the same appeared in the place to recognize the deceased.

‘Occupation’ neighborhood

The neighbors live in this place in fear of the increasingly recurrent squatting of homes. In the block itself, according to residents, there are only five legal floors. The rest are squatted. “They enter with the kick and the floors are dodged,” a neighbor told the newspaper Information.

Avenida Catedrático Soler, where two families have tried to squat a house with a dead man.

The Valencian Housing and Land Entity (Evha) it also confirmed this fact. It manages 14,000 homes in the Community and some 500 in the Miguel Hernández neighborhood of Alicante, where squats are recurrent.

Alberto Aznar, general director of Evha, noted in the newspaper Information that the measures they take are practically useless in the face of the growing influence of this phenomenon. He recalled an episode in the Los Palmerales neighborhood of Elche. There they installed an armored door worth more than 1,000 euros and two days later it was on the ground.

“It is seen that when the ambulance has arrived and it has been known that a person had died and the house could be left empty, there have been people loitering and they have started to vulture. We try to be as diligent as we can, but there comes a time when Even if we partition or put armored doors, they blow it up and enter, “Aznar said in a global assessment.

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