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Your hips don’t lie. Like a whole woman, the ‘quinceañera’ Rubí wiggles in a sexy dress for TikTok video

PHOTO: Mezcalent.

  • Rubí appears dancing in sensual video of Tik Tok
  • The young woman appears with quite striking colors
  • Currently the 19-year-old has about 66 thousand followers on this social network

Sexy! The most famous quinceañera in Mexico, Rubí, appears in the video of Tik Tok dancing very sensually, leaving behind that girl who conquered the whole country with her nice video, where, together with her parents, she invited people to her fifteen years .

Now, at 19 years old, Rubí appears on social networks dancing for her more than 66 thousand followers on Tik Tok very sensually in a tank top and moving her hips.

In the video, shared just a few hours ago, Rubí, the most famous quinceañera in Mexico, appeared dancing a popular trend of the song hai phut hon, which consisted of appearing walking first and then moving their hips to the rhythm of the song.

VIDEO: Only Tok. Ruby

In saying Tik TokRubí appeared with a very colorful outfit, since she wore a tank top with different colors, among which pink, yellow and purple stood out, in addition to her makeup wearing blue and pink colors, highlighting her eyes even more.

At the bottom of the video, which already has more than 300 likes, Rubí, the most famous quinceañera in Mexico, questioned the following to her followers: “What time did you see this?”

The publication was quickly filled with various comments, where users commented on how beautiful it looked, and the time they had seen it.

It should be noted that Rubí’s popularity came when in 2016 it went viral, where, accompanied by her parents, they invited everyone to their 15-year party, becoming a phenomenon on the internet.

To such a degree that after this video, many made parodies, but not only that, since Rubí, the most famous quinceañera in Mexico, obtained several sponsorships for her stunning party, from the dress to the food, an event that was also televised at the national level.

You can see the tik tok video of Rubi dancing here.

It should be noted that Rubí, the most famous quinceañera in Mexico, reached great popularity on Tik Tok, where she constantly publishes videos of her dancing or doing some funny things, which are classified among the most followed.

Not only in this social network it impacts, since on Instagram it is a sensation, because once again the young woman shows the public that she is no longer that 15-year-old girl, but that she is now an older woman of age.

Ruby quinceañera

VIDEO: Only Tok. Ruby

Rubí, the most famous quinceañera in Mexico surprises in top and mini skirt

Before Rubí hit the video of Tik Tok, the 19-year-old girl appeared on her official Instagram account looking more and more beautiful in a mini skirt and top.

In this photograph, he made an impact on social networks by appearing with a sexy Fuchsia pink top, accompanied by a white mini skirt with flower details.

This photograph, which already has more than a thousand likes, carries the following message as a legend: “The only impossible thing is what you don’t try #tbt #tranquila”.

PHOTO: Instagram. Ruby

With this snapshot, where Rubí impressed her more than 55 thousand followers with a tremendous top and mini skirt, she demonstrated once again that that 15-year-old girl was already behind, welcoming her already most old.

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