Wednesday, December 1

The French State with the help of Eurostar: negotiations underway between Paris and London

France is committed to supporting Eurostar and is working with the United Kingdom to save my cross-Channel company.

The information was revealed by the French Minister Delegates in charge of transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari while Eurostar is on the brink of disaster

Jean-Pierre Farandou is the Chairman of the SNCF group, the main shareholder of Eurostar.

Jean-Pierre Farandou, president of the SNCF group: “Today we only have one round trip per day which circulates between London and Paris, another which makes London, Brussels, Amsterdam and these round trips are full. at 10%. The situation is very, very complicated. We have already put money back into Eurostar’s capital to help them get through this bad patch. We are talking with the French and English governments, which are one and the ‘other concerned. “

In addition to SNCF, Eurostar is 40% owned by Patina Rail, a consortium whose funds are partly Canadian and British, and 5% owned by the Belgian National Railways Company.

In 2020, Eurostar’s turnover fell by 82% and its president Jacques Delmas believes that “the catastrophe is”, today, “possible”: without any help, the company could be in default at the end of the spring.

The French Minister Delegate for Transport Jean-Basptiste Djebbari explains that he is “working with the English on aid mechanisms in proportion to the involvement of each.”

Eurostar’s headquarters are in London where the company is seen as a French public company.

Conversely, France considers Eurostar to be a British company based in London and, for this reason, has not granted the company direct aid or state guaranteed loans.

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