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Fauci Strain Coronavirus. Warns of “more sinister” new strains

  • Fauci warns of “more sinister” strains of coronavirus
  • The infectious disease expert asked to take these supposed new strains “very seriously”
  • Dr. Fauci also spoke about mutations and available vaccines

America’s leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said he was “very carefully” examining new strains of the coronavirus, which he described as “more sinister.”

Anthony Fauci warned this Sunday that new “more sinister” strains of the coronavirus have emerged in South Africa and Brazil, reports the New York Post.

The director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases announced that he is examining “very carefully” the variants of the coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 disease and which has claimed the lives of almost 400 thousand people in the United States.


Fauci’s analysis includes the two new variants, and the most contagious new strain recently detected in the UK.

“People must realize that there is more than one mutant strain,” Fauci noted. on the NBC show Meet the Press. “There is one in the UK that is essentially dominated … there is another more sinister that is in South Africa and Brazil,” Fauci added.

The infectious disease expert does not seek panic among the people, however he asked to take “very seriously” the new strains of the coronavirus that have been detected so far and the threat they pose to public health.

Vaccine effectiveness against new strains

“The British have made it very clear that it is more contagious,” said the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases regarding the British strain.

Fauci warned that the more infections of the new coronavirus strains, the more hospitalizations there will be. In addition, he noted that it is still being analyzed whether the approved vaccines will work against the new strains of the coronavirus.

“What we really want to look at carefully is whether that mutation reduces the impact of the vaccine,” Anthony Fauci said about it.

Also, he warned that if the coronavirus mutations reduce the impact of vaccines “we will have to make some modifications … We are analyzing it very carefully.”

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Coronavirus figures in the United States

The United States, the country most affected in the world by the pandemic, reached 23 million 724 thousand 585 cases of COVID-19 this Saturday.

In addition, 395,385 deaths have been reported so far, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

These figures correspond to Saturday, which with respect to the previous day represent 220,998 more infections and 3,761 additional deaths.

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The number of new daily deaths is one of the highest in recent days, although it does not exceed the record of 4,085 deaths registered in a single day, on January 7, according to Johns Hopkins.

Coronavirus figures by states

The state of New York continues as the worst hit in the country by the pandemic with 40,806 deaths, followed by California, which is now second in the statistics with 33,077, indicates the Efe news agency.

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In addition, Texas counts 32,428 deaths from coronavirus, Florida 24,000 and New Jersey 20,320.

Other states with large numbers of deaths include Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Massachusetts and Georgia.

In terms of infections, California adds 2 million 938 thousand 931 positives, followed by Texas with 2 million 107 thousand 013, third is Florida with 1 million 560 thousand 186, New York in fourth place with 1 million 228 thousand 867 and Illinois is fifth , with 1 million 064 thousand 667 cases.

Estimates far exceeded

The provisional death toll of 395,385 thousand more than the lowest estimate of the White House, which in the best of cases projected between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths due to the pandemic.

The outgoing US president, Donald Trump, lowered these estimates and was confident that the final figure would be between 50,000 and 60,000 deaths.

However, he later predicted up to 110,000 deaths, a number that has also been far exceeded.

For its part, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations (IHME) of the University of Washington, estimates that when Trump leaves power this Wednesday, 20 more than 405 thousand people will have died and by April 1 , more than 555 thousand.

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