Wednesday, April 14

Conspirators attack health worker

An attendant at the CHUM deplores having become the target of conspirators by wanting to denounce the disinformation circulating on social networks.

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Even though he was keen to share a call for solidarity with healthcare workers, his union and employer advised him not to testify publicly in order to avoid incurring threats.

Having seen a photo circulating on social media showing an empty hospital corridor, in a psychiatry unit, and a dozing security guard, the employee contacted the person behind the post. He wanted to explain the possible fatigue of a colleague, but also to denounce the disinformation conveyed by the image.

“We are all exhausted, everyone is working hard, […] the virus exists and it is there, ”he breathes.

However, according to the Center hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), the image is already several months old. Also, nothing indicates when it was taken or at what time.


Nonetheless, the beneficiary attendant saw his name and photos circulated to him on a Facebook page where he was described as “collaborator of the health dictatorship” and “asshole”.

The man said he felt challenged by the fact that his job was denigrated, while he has worked at the front “at 200%” for months and that he has seen patients die of COVID-19 without their relatives.

Out of context

He deplores the images, taken out of context, which are currently circulating among others on social networks. For example, since visitors are prohibited in most places, waiting rooms are expected to be empty.

Also, nothing indicates that some of the pictures circulating are recent.

The director of communications of the CHUM, Irène Marcheterre, did not indicate whether employees could be among the people who share these images, in particular the Hôtel-Dieu. But she recalled that it was forbidden.

“At the moment, I don’t have the answer. It was reported to security, ”she said.

Mme Marcheterre adds that it is “unfortunate” that employees feel threatened on social networks by conspirators. This is the first case brought to its attention.

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