Sunday, March 7

The US military and far-right groups

As long as you are interested in the history of the United States, you know that the extremist groups that attacked the Capitol last week have been operating in the United States for too long already.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric, a good deal of xenophobia, and the painful memory of September 11, 2001 help to make us sometimes forget that domestic terrorism is the riskiest threat to the United States. This is not a new phenomenon and it is documented.

Not only were conspiracy groups, white supremacists and right-wing extremists stimulated by Donald Trump’s message and the inaction of the Republican Party, but they took action and the incidents of January 6 are only one part of their activities.

Tuesday, the site POLITICO recalled a worrying reality that should not be underestimated. Among the members of the American armed forces, we find a not insignificant number of followers of the extreme right, and this, and this, at all levels. The phenomenon is not new, but there are fears that the authorities have lost control and they are being urged to act quickly and vigorously.

Already Monday of this week, the army was cracking down on a young officer who had shared a video with three million of his subscribers on TikTok. In this video he was joking about the concentration camps and the extermination of the Jews.

What was to be an isolated case would only be the tip of the iceberg. A survey presented by the Military News site in 2020 reveals that more than a third of the members of the Armed Forces had witnessed demonstrations of white supremacists or right-wing extremists within the troops.

I still remember that young officers from West Point and Annapolis were singled out in 2019 for communicating using signals specific to white supremacists during official ceremonies. We are dangerously close to the top when the next generation is rotten by ideologies and condemnable behavior.

If you still needed to be convinced of the seriousness of the events of January 6 or of what is happening this week at the convention, I thought this post might help with thinking.

I would like to remind you in closing that if his appointment is confirmed by the Senate, Lloyd Austin will become the first black Secretary of Defense. This is a strong symbol and an appointment that is overdue.

You will probably agree with me that we cannot however limit ourselves to symbols, however strong they may be, we must eradicate this evil which eats away not only the troops, but a part of American society.

The impeachment proceedings that we are starting today and the possible departure of Donald Trump, no matter when or how, are not enough. We need a clear condemnation of the entire political class and we need to fully support the ongoing investigations to shed light on the events.

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