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Florida Capitol firefighter. The Firefighter was captured inside the Capitol.

  • Florida firefighter arrested who stormed Capitol with Trump hat
  • So far, more than 100 arrests have been registered after the deadly attack
  • The man was caught at the entrance of Nancy Pelosi’s office

They arrest Andrew Williams, a Florida firefighter who stormed the Capitol wearing a Trump hat, who was photographed during the ‘demonstration’.

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According to a release of the Sanford Fire Department in Florida, on Tuesday the Federal Bureau of Investigation notified the department that they had “arrested and charged Williams with one count of trespassing into a restricted building and one count of disorderly conduct on the Capitol grounds.”

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The Florida Firefighter was caught during the invasion of Trump supporters under the sign announcing the entrance to the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

The photo, which led to the identification and subsequent arrest of Williams, was sent anonymously to a local news network, according to the report. New York Post.

The report indicates that Andrew Williams thanks to the arrest would have a “leave without pay.”

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Sanford Fire Chief Craig Radzak stated: “We hold the men and women of this department to the highest standards. It saddens me that one person’s actions have clouded the hard work and dedication that the rest of the department does on a daily basis. “

As is the policy with any type of violation of the policy, including a criminal violation, an internal administrative process must be followed to ensure a thorough investigation with a fair conclusion. I ask for the patience of the public as we move through this process, “he added.

Additionally, the Fire Department reported that Williams’ administrative investigation will be suspended pending the federal investigation.

The Sanford Fire Department knew of the possibility that the paramedic was also involved in the violent acts that ended in the seizure of the Capitol since last January 7.

With the news of Andrew Williams’ possible participation in the ‘demonstration’, the firefighter received a “paid administrative leave”.

Firefighter Andrew Williams appeared in court and was released on bail, paying $ 25,000, the New York Post reported.

In addition, he was ordered to hand over any firearm he possesses, his passport, and to undergo a psychological evaluation.

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The foregoing according to the New York newspaper, which also revealed that Andrew Williams, if convicted, could spend up to six months in prison.

The Florida firefighter’s defense attorney blamed Trump and the Capitol police for the violent behavior recorded in the Capitol, the newspaper said.

The violence unleashed last Wednesday left at least five deaths, which some believe could have been prevented, since the FBI announced the intentions of the ‘Trumpistas’ a day before the attack.

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FBI alerted a threat of assault to the Capitol a day before

The FBI warned law enforcement agencies about the possibility of violent acts before the assault on the Capitol occurred last week, The Associated Press reported.

Prosecutors are now weighing sedition charges against some supporters of President Donald Trump who broke into the building, federal authorities said Tuesday.

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Statements by FBI and Justice Department officials were issued to defend law enforcement preparations ahead of the riots.

As if to warn those who participated in the revolt that they are still subject to arrest and felony charges, even if they have already left the capital.

The lesser charges brought against some of the dozens of people who have been arrested so far could still be upgraded to charges of sedition, which carry up to 20 years in prison.

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