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Google does not plan to reopen its offices until September 2021

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Google has already made a decision regarding its work dynamics for next year: It will be in September 2021 when its workers return to the company’s offices.

  • Google announces that it will extend the deadline to work remotely until September 1, 2021
  • It will do so in an organized manner, as it will ask employees to report to the offices to work in person at least three days a week
  • Google has discarded the idea of ​​permanent remote work, and is currently working on a project to organize the return to its offices

In days gone by, Google ad It has been concluded that the company’s workers return to their face-to-face work as of September 1, 2021.

However, this measure continues to be analyzed to guarantee the safety of all those involved.

The return of the workers is expected to take place in an organized and gradual manner; For now, the plan is for employees to report to the offices to work in person at least three days a week.

This was made known by the CEO of the company, Sundar Pichai, through an email shared by The New York Times newspaper and the CNBC news network.

This report includes information that includes all the details related to the return to Google’s offices; the decision also includes those workers who “live at a reasonable distance.”

Pichai explained that “When we closed most of our offices last March, we did not know the course the pandemic was going to take.”

“We have adapted. We have continued to innovate. And with new vaccines on the horizon, thanks to the incredible ingenuity of our medical and scientific community, a return to normality is in sight. “

In July 2020, Google was one of the first global companies to publicly announce a plan to allow its workers to work remotely until 2021.

With the increase in infections in the summer, in September the company proposed a hybrid work model, allowing some workers to return to the offices if they wanted, although not full time.

Companies like Twitter and Facebook have been inclined to allow remote working permanently in the next decade, but Google will implement stricter measures.

For example, workers located in regions with lower contagion rates must return to their offices at least three days a week.

They will also have the option of selecting collaborative workspaces that accommodate no more than twelve people.

Although the option to return to the offices will be optional for some, there are jobs within Google that require permanent face work, such as customer service positions.

Finally, Pichar invited the workers to read in detail the information contained in the email, which states that “They must return to their assigned offices in Google and must live at a reasonable distance from the office assigned to you.”

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The pandemic caused a readjustment of work models: Who will return to the offices and when?

According to Business Insider, Amazon has decided to allow its employees to work remotely for a period not yet determined.

This means a postponement in the date of return to the company’s offices, at least until 2021.

In theory, this decision will benefit employees who worked in person at Amazon’s offices, and in a statement, the company’s spokesperson stated that “Employees who work in a position that can be performed in a remote to continue working from home until June 30, 2021 ”.

Also, at the time he explained that “We have invested a large amount of budget and resources to make sure that those who wish to work in person do so safely, through social distancing, a thorough cleaning of the place, taking temperature and giving workers face masks and hand gel. “

Like Google, Amazon’s deadline had to be extended to come up with a new way of working during and after the pandemic.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Amazon was one of the companies that had a high rate of infections, a fact that generated controversy when it was revealed that some of the employees came to their offices with apparent symptoms of Covid-19.

For this reason, they launched a plan that included the option of working remotely or attending the company’s offices, as long as the health instructions were followed to the letter to avoid infections.

There were several times that Amazon postponed the formal return to the corporation’s offices, due to the fact that the numbers of infections have risen steadily in various regions of the United States.

Just in April, Amazon had contemplated the return to the offices on October 2, 2020, a decision that it reconsidered a few months later, for January 2021.

Currently, it is known that the official return date will be in June 2021, considering that vaccines will be a useful resource to gradually return to normality.

Amazon workers who are considered “essential”, those who work in warehouses and in delivery processes, do not have the option of remote work, but have implemented protocols to prevent an outbreak of infections within the company headquarters .

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