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Helene Fischer explains what fans can expect from the Christmas show in the Corona year

The “Helene Fischer Show” on ZDF looks completely different this year due to the corona – without an audience and with Fischer’s favorite appearances in recent years. In an interview with the German Press Agency, the singer reports which highlights from previous years will be on the show, what she misses most during the Corona period and how she is celebrating Christmas this year.

Ms. Fischer, your show has now become a holiday tradition for the television audience. But this year it will look very different. What can you expect?

Helene Fischer: This year there is a special edition that I personally put together. Since the traditional live show unfortunately had to be canceled due to Corona, I picked out the most emotional and, for me, greatest moments of the past nine years and made a new show out of them that has never been seen before. There are a lot of memories and feelings associated with them, which came up again straight away.

“That was pure goose bumps”

Is there a particular highlight that you would like to highlight?

Fischer: Not that easy at all! Singing with world stars such as Tom Jones, Josh Groban, Gregory Porter, Luis Fonsi, Queen + Adam Lambert, Andrea Bocelli and Michael Bolton were highlights enough. But one show moment is actually one of my most emotional for me: the appearance with Udo Jürgens. I will never forget what that moment triggered in me when I sang his song “Merci Cherie” for him. It was an unexpected and therefore so deeply touching moment between the two of us, because he let his feelings run free. That was pure goosebumps for me.

The show always lived from the many Helene fans in the hall, who created the atmosphere. You won’t be able to meet them this year. Does that hurt you?

Fischer: Very much. Being able to perform in front of an audience is one of the best experiences for me and I still benefit from that today. How important the shared experience and the energy that emanates from concerts is only now really clear to you – us artists as well as everyone else.

“Forced inactivity casts a huge shadow over the lives of us live artists”

Is it difficult as an artist when you can no longer perform in front of a large live audience?

Fischer: This forced inactivity casts a huge shadow on the lives of us live artists. Because being able to perform on stage and in front of the fans is much more than a job. Therefore, this year is not only a great human catastrophe for most of the artists and our team members, but above all an economic one.

How did you experience the past few months? The corona pandemic has certainly meant many cuts for you too.

Fischer: I can no longer do large parts of my job at the moment. In addition, I was just as affected by the contact restrictions with regard to friends and family as everyone else in Germany. Of course that is stressful. But I always think of the many people who are currently much, much worse off. To the people who are seriously ill or who work around the clock in the health system. But also to the countless colleagues, my entire team on, in front of and behind the stage, who are now struggling for their economic existence. Many of them are facing financial failure. I would like them to be helped quickly and effectively to keep our live culture alive.

Helene Fischer: I miss the emotions the most

Many people miss being together, including partying and dancing together. What do you miss the most?

Fischer: Clearly the emotions that arise live. I was able to meet my friends and family again from time to time individually and in compliance with the corona rules. But the moments you share with your audience are priceless. To lie in each other’s arms for joy, to feel community and real closeness is so incredibly important for us humans. I find this unnatural distance behavior at these times to be a major limitation.

It is clear that Christmas will be a very special festival this year. How are you going to celebrate it yourself?

Fischer: We stick to the rules and recommendations and will spend Christmas in a very small family setting. Because only if we stand together now and everyone does everything in their power, we can be successful in the fight against Corona. The health and professional livelihoods of millions of people depend on it. We should accept the current restrictions in order to be able to live freely again as soon as possible.

“It is precisely the unexpected that makes life so exciting”

The “Helene Fischer Show” has been around since 2011, almost ten years. What do you think the next ten years will bring for you?

Fischer: I’ve never planned that long in advance. My life is far too unpredictable for that. If someone had told me ten years ago what I have achieved to date, then I would certainly have waved it off with a smile. I’m just grateful for what I was able to experience and look forward to everything that is still to come. It is precisely the unexpected that makes life so exciting.

Do you have new projects for when more will be possible again?

Fischer: We used the time and initiated or specified projects for the future. At the moment, however, I cannot say what we are going to do with it, we simply cannot decide yet. The whole team – including myself – is already looking forward to the day when it finally starts again.

Then, when more is possible again as an artist, do you want to do something differently than before the Corona crisis?

Fischer: I try to do that all the time – regardless of pandemics and lockdowns. Constant growth is an important part of my development. In my team, we constantly push each other in order to keep surprising people. I am not interested in “faster, higher, further”, but rather to entertain my audience, my fans even better, to offer them even more intense experiences. I think I’ve become even more sensitive.

“My big goal: to regain normality”

Do you have any personal plans for the New Year that you would like to tell us about?

Fischer: I think that in the last few months we have only really understood what freedoms we enjoy, what we have in each other and what value culture has in our lives. Much of what was taken for granted – for example traveling, meeting friends, going to concerts – was suddenly no longer possible. My big goal for the coming year is therefore first of all to regain normality. Everything else comes after that.

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