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While waiting for the theaters to reopen

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“We have never worked so hard. It’s like learning to walk again, ”says Lisa Rubin, Executive and Artistic Director of the Segal Center. To keep the link with the public and give work to artists, theaters continue to “reinvent themselves”. Storefronts, web shows, creative labs, they want to continue bringing art into our lives. Take a look at things to see and hear in the coming months.

The fantastic windows of the Maison Théâtre

“We have a responsibility towards the artists, as a presenter, and towards the families who follow and support us, all of whom have been greatly affected by the pandemic,” explains Sophie Labelle, artistic director of Maison Théâtre. As Christmas approaches, “the” favorite holiday for children, the Maison Théâtre team has decided to host its four large windows overlooking Ontario Street.

Sophie Labelle has thus assembled a team of collaborators to set in motion The fantastic windows : Elen Ewing, designer of the visual universe and real driving force behind the project, Pascal Brullemans and Érika Tremblay-Roy, two youth authors who designed the narrative, as well as a sound designer, a lighting designer and actors to read the texts.

Inspired by myths, legends and cabinets of curiosities, the four showcases present fantastic stories featuring invented creatures and theatrical machines (smoke, bubble, snow, etc.). We are far from the traditional Christmas windows of department stores. “We really wanted to demonstrate the power of art,” says Mme Labelle.

The fantastic windows: December 18 to January 3, daily non-stop from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. (except December 24 and 25); from January 4 to 17, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

For the whole family, free, 20 minutes. Audio tracks: download for free at home or using a QR code in front of the Maison Théâtre. Headphones suggested.

Metamorphosis at the Denise-Pelletier theater

“We work three times more! »Remarks the director Claude Poissant, artistic director at the Denise-Pelletier theater (TDP), live from the rehearsal room. For the possible recovery after the Holidays, the TDP has relied on the scenic transposition of Kafka’s text Metamorphosis. The play tells the story of a man who has transformed into a huge insect, and whose loved ones also end up undergoing a metamorphosis.

“The adaptation of a mythical work involves a lot of pitfalls, but it also gives several permissions”, explains Mr. Poissant. Sanitary measures indeed impose all kinds of constraints, as much as regards the preparation of the actors and the setting in scene as as regards the presentation (one hopes) in front of the public. “We manage to take these constraints as sources of reflection,” he explains with philosophy.

Another room that was planned for the fall will occupy the great room for five evenings in March. I’m looking for a house that looks like you, by Catherine Allard, tells the story of the couple Pauline Julien and Gérald Godin.

Webcasts, on the other hand, are reserved for high school teens, an important audience for the PDD. Three pieces – L’orangeraie, by Larry Tremblay, The best of worlds, de Guillaume Corbeil, d’après l’œuvre d’Aldous Huxley, et Lovers, by Goldoni – are therefore offered for capture in schools.

Metamorphosis, from February 17 to March 20, 2021, and I’m looking for a house that looks like you, from March 25 to 31, at the Denise-Pelletier theater (if Public Health permits).

Tickets will go on sale as soon as a return to the theater is permitted.

Piano bar et happy hours at the Segal Center

It’s not too late to catch the latest webcast of the play co-produced with the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde Underneath the Lintel, first play performed in English by Emmanuel Schwartz. The Segal Center also remains in continuous contact with its audience through his social media : “We use our online spaces to have relevant conversations, or to connect with members of past castings,” says Lisa Rubin, General and Artistic Director. The Center also holds monthly happy hours : “It’s like having your own piano bar in your living room,” says Rubin. In order to allow parents to take a little break, the Segal will also organize little ones this winter parties dance for children, three times a week, which will last about fifteen minutes.

While waiting to welcome the public, the Segal Center has also made all of its space available free of charge to artists, who need places to create and rehearse. The Center also has other events in its boxes, such as a performance drag queens, which he will announce in due course.

Underneath the Lintel, replay on December 19 (8 p.m.) and December 20 (1 p.m.).

Regular tickets: $ 25 per person, $ 36 per household.

Do you hear what I’m saying? Listen to me a little! of the New Experimental Theater

How to put on a play in collaboration with a company from Martinique in the midst of a pandemic? “We went on a 10 cents, as they say”, says Daniel Brière, who signs the realization ofDo you hear what I’m saying? Listen to me a little!, in residence at the Espace libre. The exchanges with Tropique Atrium had already been carried out for two years, but because of the pandemic, the trips and especially the performances planned for the fall in the two countries became impossible. “The play features individuals facing the masses. The platform for moaners and complainers these days is the Web. So it made a lot of sense to travel there, ”explains Mr. Brière.

The public will therefore be able to attend a veritable digital theatrical work: the scenes were indeed filmed on a green screen in Martinique and Quebec, resulting in very colorful paintings. “We allowed ourselves to go into more artistic images”, specifies Mr. Brière. Informative capsules also accompany the play.

Do you hear what I’m saying? Listen to me a little! from December 18 on the platform

Free, voluntary contribution suggested

A non-disclosure and the Jamais Lu catching up at the Stables

“We did not want to play in the same film as last fall and announce multiple cancellations,” says Marcelle Dubois, general manager and co-artistic director of the theater Aux Écuries. Theater has therefore “not revealed” its shows Winter 2021: tickets will only go on sale when Public Health gives the green light, and at most one month before the show. And above all, a plan A (playing in front of an audience) and a plan B have been planned for each. “The luck we had in this context is to be a center for creation and dissemination. We therefore put the emphasis on the creation side and redirected our human and financial resources to this side ”, explains Mme Dubois.

The 19e Jamais Lu Festival, which was to take place last May, will be presented in catch-up from January to March 2021. The unpublished texts will be read in front of the public on Sundays and Mondays if possible. Otherwise, these periods will be transformed into dramaturgical laboratories. “One of our concerns is towards the next generation. There may be a bottleneck when we can open to the public, and we want these very current words to be accessible, ”says Mme Dubois. The Théâtre Aux Écuries therefore wants to continue to provide a platform for young creators and actors.

If conditions allow, the play from the Théâtre du Futur The wrath of the meek will be played indoors in February. Failing to be able to present this show which is part of an imaginary world, the alternative forms around the piece will be explored. “We will take the opportunity to make a quality recording, for example. We really took that year as a test year, to experiment, ”concludes Dubois.

19th Jamais Lu Festival, from January to March 2021.

Tickets on sale a maximum of one month before the performance.
The wrath of the meek, from February 2 to 20, 2021.

An alternative program at the Periscope Theater

Even if at Périscope, in Quebec, we very much doubt we will be able to return to the stage as soon as the holidays return, the broadcaster has still launched its programming for the coming months. “The pandemic strikes hard for artists and independent companies, who find themselves weakened. We are concerned, which is why we wanted to send the message that artists continue to work on great works, ”assures artistic coordinator Marie-Hélène Gendreau.

To stay in touch with the public, whose lack of theater has for some people created a visceral vacuum, the Periscope Theater first programmed the room Intersections, a production of Quitte ou Double. This show, which was already done in telepresence when presented in theaters, was therefore transported completely to the Web. The online show brings together performers from five different cities live, who testify to the major protest movements in their city.

The Theater also hosted the project Pareidolia for the capture of video clips, whose team is mainly made up of young graduates from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec. Vincent Legault, the creator of the project, takes up essential replicas of contemporary theater and the great classics of the repertoire, and will make them available on YouTube from January, at the rate of one capsule per month.

The project In the hollow of the ear will also be back for the Holidays thanks to a collaboration with the City of Quebec. Two hundred residents of the capital will be able to purchase a ticket to receive a call from an actor, who will read excerpts from texts by Quebec authors for about twenty minutes. “It allows us to do our job and also employ different artisans on the stage. It also allows us to meet the public who could not come to us ”, concludes Mme Gendreau.

Intersections, March 4 to 13, 2021, Thursday to Saturday, 8 p.m.

In the hollow of the ear, December 28 to January 9, free (for residents of Quebec City only).

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