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Priscila Ángel, Temerario’s wife shares a photograph of their three children together and they tell her: “They are identical to Gustavo.”


  • Priscila Ángel shared a photograph of her children on social networks.
  • Users argue that they are too similar to Gustavo Ángel, el Temerario
  • Sarita, Alex and Gustavo are the names of the three children of Priscila Camacho and Gustavo Ángel.

Priscila Ángel, wife of Temerario, shares a photo on social networks of her three children and her followers write that they are identical to her husband Gustavo Ángel, a member of the band from Fresnillo Zacatecas, Los Temerarios.

Priscila Camacho and Gustavo Ángel have been married for more than 20 years and have become one of the most stable couples in the artistic world and the favorite of many Hispanics. As a result of this great love they had three beautiful children, Sara, Gustavo and Alex.

From his birth, a lot of questions were asked who were more similar to the already young, if Gustavo Ángel or Priscila, there were others who even argued that they also resembled Gustavo’s older brother, Adolfo Ángel, also a member of the group “Los Temerarios”.

PHOTO: Instagram. Priscilla Angel

Today, Priscila Ángel shared a photograph on her social networks where her three children appeared, Sara being the oldest of the siblings, and who, despite the fact that Sarita is much said to be more like Priscila, others assure that the three of them look completely like their dad The Daredevil.

In a recent photograph published on the official Instagram account of Priscila, Daredevil’s wife, it is possible to see her three children, Sarita, Alex and Gustavo, who many followers argue that they look a lot like their father.

The publication, which already has more than 9 thousand likes, brings as a legend a tender message that Priscila Ángel constantly shares on her social networks, where she argued the blessing of having children.

“What a wonderful and special blessing our children are, do you accompany me to pray for them ‘For yours, mine and all the children and youth of the whole world.”

The publication was quickly filled with various messages, where many users assured and dispelled all the conjectures, where they argued that she resembled her husband Gustavo Ángel.

You can see the photograph that Daredevil’s wife Priscila Ángel shared of her children here.

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