Wednesday, January 20

Lupillo Rivera Suelta Sopa explodes against program hosts

  • Lupillo Rivera attacks drivers of Suelta la Sopa
  • He denies alleged information that accuses him of wanting to harm his ex-partner, Mayeli Alonso
  • Jenni Rivera’s brother takes out ‘rags in the sun’ from Jorge Bernal and his wife

Lupillo, Jenni Rivera’s brother, goes against drivers of Suelta la Sopa and reveals his things, because they said compromising information about his ex-partner Mayeli Alonso, according to a publication he made in his bill of Instagram and in People in spanish.

And the singer explains that they published false information about allegedly wanting to harm his ex-partner.

In a tone of good humor, the artist did not touch his heart and attacked Jorge Bernal and his wife, thus taking out their ‘little clothes in the sun.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Instagram @lupilloriveraofficial

Lupillo Rivera began with some greetings for his followers who followed the transmission, but then he made it clear that he is very much in love.

He also made it clear that he has a great woman and joked with some things that he is living with her, so that there is no doubt of his happiness.

Verbatim, the singer posted the following message on his account: “Here to clarify the bullshit they say in #sueltalasopa @jorgebernal.”

“To all my people, I want to inform the entire race that I have just received news of a program called Suelta la Sopa, that they are saying pure nonsense, the neta, I am very sorry that these programs exist, because they misinterpret and things wrong, “the singer began to say.

“I just come to confront you, my audience … since they are dedicated to speaking badly about me, they have been speaking many negative things, bad things about me for many years, I also have many bad things to speak about them,” Lupillo Rivera attacked about Tell me what you know.

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