Thursday, January 21

After appearing on TV, virologist Kekulé suddenly appears in China’s propaganda

Christian Drosten, Hendrik Streeck and Alexander Kekulé are considered the most sought-after German experts when it comes to containing the corona pandemic. They can be seen regularly on talk shows and talk about the development, spread and fight against the coronavirus.

An appearance on the ZDF program “Markus Lanz” now has unpleasant consequences for the virologist Alexander Kekulé.

Chinese state television makes use of Kekulé’s statement

CGTN, the foreign channel of the Chinese state television, used statements from the German scientist to underpin a questionable campaign. Among other things, it is about the claim that the corona virus was imported into Wuhan via foreign frozen goods, so it does not come from the Chinese metropolis. The Volkszeitung wrote that “all available evidence” would suggest such a course of events. The sheet is considered the official communication channel of the Communist Party. Surf tip: All news about the corona virus can be found in the news ticker of FOCUS Online

Kekulé never said anything like that. In “Markus Lanz”, however, he spoke of the fact that the virus that is currently circulating is a mutated variant of the original version from Wuhan. Specifically, he said: “The virus that is now being detected all over the world is what has spread in northern Italy. So there was basically the starting signal for the global pandemic. ”

CGTN picked up the excerpt from the broadcast and headlined: “Coronavirus does not come from Wuhan, says leading German virologist”. A generous interpretation: after all, at the request of moderator Markus Lanz, Kekulé had once again made it explicitly clear that the virus originated in China.

China’s propaganda media rely on Italian study

The fact that the Chinese propaganda apparatus is locating the first Covid 19 cases abroad is not new. State media recently cited a controversial study published by Italian researchers in early November. According to the scientists, the virus may have raged in Italy as early as September 2019.

“Here is evidence why Covid probably didn’t start in China,” CGTN’s Peijin Zhang commented on the investigation on Twitter. The study authors contradict the thesis. However, this is not mentioned in the Chinese media. The state is trying to control the corona discussion in China with censorship authorities and information control.

Another study carried out by Chinese scientists identifies the first Covid-19 cases in the Indian subcontinent. As the “daily News“Reports, the World Health Organization (WHO) describes the studies as” highly speculative “, it is still unclear where the coronavirus first appeared. International studies devoted to the question of “patient zero”, however, continue to focus on Wuhan.

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