Thursday, January 21

New setback for Trump in Pennsylvania court

US Presidential: New setback for Trump in Pennsylvania court – Patrick Semansky / AP / SIPA

Another setback for the outgoing American president. A US appeals court on Friday dismissed a complaint from Donald Trump’s campaign claiming the presidential election was unfair, and refused to block certification of Joe Biden’s victory in key Pennsylvania state .

“Saying that an election is unfair does not make it unfair,” wrote the three judges in a unanimous and scathing decision, arguing that Trump’s campaign had neither brought forward substantiated accusations nor evidence for them. support.

Twenty legal defeats for Trump

For Donald Trump’s campaign, this setback comes after a series of twenty legal defeats across the country.

She brought the action after a federal judge last week deemed “unfounded” a lawsuit brought by Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, alleging substantial electoral fraud in Pennsylvania. Following this judicial failure, the victory of the Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania had therefore been officially certified on Tuesday, and the rejection of the appeal confirms this process.

The US president continues to dismiss Joe Biden’s victory without evidence. “Just so you understand, this election was fraudulent,” he told reporters Thursday.

The US president’s teams have “never claimed that anyone treated the Trump campaign or the votes for Trump less well than the Biden campaign or the votes for Biden,” the appeals court judges explained in their judgment.

“They cannot win this case. They admitted that they were not claiming that there was electoral fraud. “

Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis denouncing “militant judicial machinery” despite the three judges being appointed by Republican presidents, including one by Donald Trump himself, has indicated on Twitter their intention to appeal to the Supreme Court.

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