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Prize “20 Minutes” of the novel: Who is Estelle Tolliac, the winner?

Estelle Tolliac, writer, teacher, winner of the first prize “20 Minutes” of the novel, in Sallanches (Haute-Savoie), November 14, 2020 – Mathieu Willequet / Unsplash

The price 20 Minutes of the novel has just been attributed to Moon Black by Estelle Tolliac. The jury chaired by the writer Maxime Chattam rewarded this 900-page adventure novel, the first volume of which arrives in bookstores Thursday, November 26. The book is published in partnership with Prisma media by New Authors.

This book, which mixes styles young adult and fantasy, tells about the alliance of young people from rival peoples to thwart the project of a bloodthirsty war. Quiet…. We will not reveal all the keys to the plot here. Note, however, that this novel was almost unanimous by a jury made up of readers from different backgrounds, authors, journalists, readers and contributors to our literary platform.

Who is Estelle Tolliac?

For Minute Papillon !, we plug in the microphone of Estelle Tolliac, the big winner of this prize. 38-year-old literature teacher, writer, mother living in Haute-Savoie, she was called to learn more about her double- “triple life”, her daily life nourishing her writing.

About Moon Black, Estelle Tolliac speaks of a “recreational” book, of “pure entertainment”, written in six years with periods of shutdown forced by her family life. But whatever the stops, the writer has always been persuaded to resume and finish this immense work, guided by “the idea of ​​writing for an audience, of sharing with this audience”.

What does the teaching profession bring to her writing?

From her teaching profession, to rub shoulders with young people, Estelle Tolliac derives an acute notion of the notion of time, a speed of the intrigue which must twirl to captivate.

Will this very special year 2020 be fruitful for literature? “I am convinced of it,” says Estelle Tolliac, who wrote an entire original novel during the first confinement, “a need to escape” from this period of life “in isolation”.

All Estelle Tolliac’s answers, and much more, in this episode to listen to by clicking in the audio player above.

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