Monday, January 18

Covid-19: the Russian health system is cracking

Patients lying in the corridors of Tomsk hospital in Siberia for lack of available beds.

The Russian health system is under great pressure, the number of people affected by the coronavirus has more than doubled since the beginning of October and the number of deaths is reaching record highs. However, the Kremlin does not intend to lock the whole country, it prefers to insist on barrier gestures. In the Republic of Buryatia in Siberia, the hospital is breaking down, explains the chief doctor of the Ulan-Ude hospital Tatyana Symbelova:

Without self-isolation and social distancing, we cannot handle this situation. For inpatient care, we have an additional facility, where we have up to 30 inpatients per day, and intensive care is already full.“.

In this health crisis, Vladimir Putin points his fingers at the regional governors to whom he has delegated the power to impose restrictions. But they are not used to making decisions independently.

They don’t want to take responsibility for bothering people, for putting unpopular restrictions in place, and they don’t want to continue to take responsibility when things go wrong. It is very convenient to have regional governors to blame for what is going on“said Judy Twigg, professor of political science at the University of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States.

In total, Russia has more than 2 million cases and more than 35,000 deaths.

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