Monday, January 18

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulates Joe Biden on his victory

Chinese President Xi Jinping, November 24, 2020 in Beijing. – CHINA NEW / SIPA

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Joe Biden on his victory in the US presidential election, in a telegram quoted this Wednesday by state media in Beijing. The two countries “must avoid any conflict or confrontation and stick to mutual respect in a spirit of win-win cooperation” in order to promote the “noble cause” of peace and development, Xi Jinping said in his telegram.

A late message from Beijing

“The development of healthy and stable US-China relations is in the fundamental interest of both peoples,” said the Chinese president. Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan also congratulated his future American counterpart, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, the Xinhua news agency said.

The post comes more than two weeks after most leaders congratulated Democrat Joe Biden on his victory over Republican Donald Trump.

Turning the page on tensions between Trump and China?

The relationship between the two leading world military powers was marked under the presidency of Donald Trump by a trade conflict and an almost daily diplomatic confrontation.

He did not fail to arouse the ire of Beijing about the coronavirus, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which he has drawn closer to when this island has been living for decades under the threat of the Chinese neighbor.

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