Sunday, January 17

As Biden introduces his cabinet, Trump pardons Thanksgiving turkey with wife Melania

  • Outgoing President Donald Trump honored the tradition of pardoning a turkey for the Thanksgiving holiday
  • Minutes later, President-elect Joe Biden presents some of the members of his future Cabinet
  • Every year, the White House organizes a vote, to decide between two turkeys, this year it was Cob and Corn (cob and corn) for one to receive the presidential pardon

President Donald Trump, in keeping with the Thanksgiving holiday tradition of pardoning a turkey, just minutes after Democrat Joe Biden introduced some of his future Cabinet members, according to EFE Agency.

Trump began the ceremony at the White House, together with his wife Melania Trump, recalling the record set today by the Dow Jones Industrialists index that reached 30,000 points.

“Now it’s good, it’s great for jobs and good for everything, this is the ninth time we have broken a record throughout 2020, and the 48th time we have set a record during the Trump Administration,” he began by saying.

The president continued: “There has never been anything like this and I want to congratulate everyone,” said the president, who again sought to take credit for this achievement, after he did it an hour and a half earlier in a brief speech at the presidential mansion.


However, the Dow Jones has reached 30,000 points just after Trump announced yesterday that he had given the green light to the process of transferring power to Biden, who will be invested on January 20, thus ending the administrative paralysis that it had been installed in this transitory period.


During the ceremony, Trump also returned to mention the progress they have in a vaccine for the coronavirus and reported that “it will probably start next week or shortly after,” without giving many details.

“This last week has been very unusual, but in many ways it has been very, very good. With what we’ve been through and we’ve been able to go through with vaccines and now they’re coming out one after another, it’s an incredible thing that has happened, the greatest medical achievements the planet has ever seen, and it’s time to remember that we live in the world. best country in the world ”, he mentioned.

Trump also thanked the doctors, nurses, health workers and scientists who have waged the battle “against the Chinese virus”, in reference to the new coronavirus.

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