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Friday, November 27

Antony Blinken: This man is supposed to be Joe Biden’s Foreign Secretary

DHe’s designated American President Joe Biden has apparently made the first decisions about his cabinet. Biden wanted to appoint Antony Blinken foreign minister, reported the Bloomberg news agency, citing insiders on Monday night. A Biden confidante told Reuters that Blinken was Biden’s “most likely choice” for the office. Biden’s transition team declined to comment and Blinken did not respond to a request for comment.

Blinken advised the Democrats on foreign policy issues during his campaign against President Donald Trump. From 2013 to 2015 he was Deputy National Security Advisor to then-President Barack Obama and from 2015 to 2017 he was Deputy Secretary of State John Kerry.

Announcement expected on Tuesday

Biden wants to announce the first occupation of a ministerial post on Tuesday. His designated chief of staff Ron Klain did not say on Sunday which ministerial post it will be. According to information from the AP news agency, Biden could announce his nomination for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Treasury.

Biden aims to form the most diverse government in modern history. He and his team often emphasize that they want the government to reflect the people of the United States. Many wonder whether Biden will make history by filling the top positions in the Pentagon, Treasury, or War Veterans Department with a woman or a black person at the helm of the Defense, Interior, or Treasury departments.

Biden’s team is planning a pandemic-adapted inauguration in January despite incumbent Trump’s administration continuing to block. This hinders the planning and also the selection process for filling ministerial posts, said Klain. “We’re not in a position to get background checks for cabinet nominees. So there are definite effects. These effects are widening every day, ”Klain said on the ABC program“ This Week ”. The General Services Administration has yet to recognize Biden’s election victory in order for the blockade to be removed.

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