FC Erzgebirge Aue vs. SV Darmstadt 98 live: Current score 1: 0 - The Canadian
Friday, November 27

FC Erzgebirge Aue vs. SV Darmstadt 98 live: Current score 1: 0

45. min + 2. min

Both teams have an entertaining game in the Erzgebirgstadion. The Vielchen took the lead early, but had to fight against the resistance of the lilies. An open exchange of blows developed in the further course of the first half. Photo: Robert Michael, dpa

45. min + 2. min

Half time in Aue! FC Erzgebirge Aue leads 1-0 against SV Darmstadt 98.

41. min

The final phase is running and SV Darmstadt is trying to equalize before the break. But the last consequence is missing in the offensive game.

36. min

Serdar Dursun played the ball through for Tim Skarke, who at least got a corner kick. The subsequent corner kick brings nothing.

31. min

Half an hour has been played and both teams play an intense game with many penalty area scenes. The necessary precision is still missing on both sides.

28. min

Tim Skarke pulls out of the second row. Keeper Martin Männel can still defuse the deflected ball.

15. min

Almost the balance! After a good pass from

Serdar Dursun, Marvin Mehlem takes the ball directly. His shot just misses to the right.

12. min

The Darmstadters seem to have digested the early residue slowly. The guests are now more energetic in the duels and switch to the offensive faster if they have possession.

7. min

The goal scorer initiates his goal himself! His pass on the right comes to John-Patrick Strauss, who has plenty of time and space to hit a precise flank into the center. Pascal Testroet appears there and heads the ball into the right corner. Keeper Marcel Schuhe is long, but can no longer get the ball – 1-0

7. min

Toooor for Aue! Pascal Testroet heads the 1-0.

Preliminary report

Here we go. The ball is rolling!

Preliminary report

Is the referee of today’s game
Dr. Martin Thomsen.

Preliminary report

The list of the guests from Darmstadt: Marcel shoes – Matthias Bader, Immanuel Höhn, Lars Lukas Mai, Adrian Stanilewicz – Fabian Schnellhardt – Mathias Honsak, Tobias Kempe, Marvin Mehlem, Tim Skarke – Serdar Dursun

Preliminary report

Trainer Dirk Schuster sends the following team to the field: Martin Männel – Ognjen Gnjatic, Sören Gonther, Florian Ballas – John-Patrick Strauss, Philipp Riese, Clemens Fandrich, Calogero Rizzuto – Ben Zolinski – Pascal Testroet, Florian Krüger

Preliminary report

With only seven goals, Dirk Schuster’s team is the second worst offensive in the league. In the last four games alone, the Saxons scored only one goal. However, the coach is certain that a trend reversal can occur:
“I know the troop is on fire”.

Preliminary report

Today’s winner could make a decent leap up the table. Both teams currently have nine points and are in the famous no man’s land. If you get a three today, you could keep up with the leading group.

Preliminary report

But the lilies don’t come to the Ore Mountains with a lot of self-confidence either. Before the international break, Markus Anfang’s team conceded a bitter 4-0 home defeat against SC Paderborn. That was Darmstadt’s biggest home defeat since 1985.

Preliminary report

Welcome to the 8th matchday in the 2nd Bundesliga. Erzgebirge Aue receives Darmstadt 98.


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