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At the start of the carnival: Urgent appeal to jesters for 11.11. – also police on duty

11/11 actually starts the carnival season. But in times of Corona everything is different. The authorities are now making an urgent appeal to the population. This is how the revelers should behave.

In the carnival strongholds in North Rhine-Westphalia, on 11.11. traditionally the start of the carnival season. In pandemic times, however, this largely falls into the water due to the restrictions. The interior minister there, Herbert Reul (68, CDU) appealed now once again urgently to the population. “Even if everything is different this year and the official celebrations for the start of the fifth season are canceled, I can only urgently advise everyone: stay at home.”

Here is the story of the Cologne Rose Monday procession. (Display)

As a passionate carnivalist, he can understand how a shame this is, said Reul in his statement. He also announced that the police would carry out checks. In Cologne, Essen, Duisburg, Bielefeld and Münster even the riot police are used for this purpose. “We must continue to do everything we can to protect the health of the citizens and at the same time keep the restrictions as low as possible,” said Reul. In the event of violations, action is taken consistently. He hopes everyone remains responsible.

City of Cologne on Twitter: “Please don’t throw private parties”

The city of Cologne tweeted a similar appeal. “Please stick to the rules on Wednesday and don’t throw any private parties,” said the tweet that the Cologne police shared on their account. Your heart bleeds, but only if you pull together can you slow down the pandemic.

The President of the Bund Deutscher Karneval, Klaus-Ludwig Fess, has also called for the traditional opening of the foolish session on 11.11. to stay at home. “The top priority of the hour is not to party, not to go out, to stay at home,” warned Germany’s top carnivalist on Wednesday on the radio station WDR 5.

Digital session opening via Youtube and Facebook

For the first time, there will be a digital session opening via Youtube and Facebook due to the corona. “Today it’s important to bring a little joy into the living room,” affirmed Fess. “It is important that carnival begins in the heart.”

In the North Rhine-Westphalian carnival stronghold of Cologne, the 11.11. A gathering and alcohol ban imposed in order to deter local and arriving party-goers. The exceptional situation also offers a great opportunity to turn away from drinking bouts and return to traditional customs, said Fess. “The essence of Carnival is not alcohol.”

Germany’s top carnivalist advises: celebrate the start of the carnival at home with cheese hedgehogs and meatballs

If everyone now holds back and prefers to watch the start of the carnival at home in front of the television – for example with cheese hedgehogs and meatballs – there would be a perspective: “So we might have the chance to see other, smaller formats in January and February.”

Fess appealed to politicians to ensure that the many companies involved in the carnival – from costume manufacturers to suppliers to hotels and restaurants – are still there for the next year. After all, according to a survey from 2016, the industry achieved an annual turnover of over 1.3 billion euros.

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