Friday, September 24

Horror night in Quebec: sad scenes from the air

Disclaimer: Some images in the video above may be difficult to view.

Investigators from the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) continued their work on Sunday on numerous crime scenes in the streets of Old Quebec after a nightmarish night.

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The TVA helicopter flew over Old Quebec in the morning. It was noted that several sectors were still cordoned off to allow the police to conduct their investigation. At one of the crime scenes, a covered body still lay on the pavement.

Recall that two people died after being attacked with a katana sword. When the police arrived, the deaths of two of the people were evident. Five other victims suffered major lacerations, but their lives were not feared.

The 24-year-old suspect, who was arrested overnight by the police, does not live in Quebec and intended to kill as many victims as possible in his murderous run, according to SPVQ chief Robert Pigeon.

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