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Thursday, November 26

Nagorno-Karabakh | Canadian technology discovered aboard drone shot down by Armenia

(Ottawa) Turkish-made military drone shot down by Armenia in conflict with Azerbaijan was equipped with Canadian targeting systems, Canadian daily says Friday The Globe and Mail, who photographed these pieces.

France Media Agency

Canada suspended its arms exports to Turkey in early October while an investigation is underway into possible deliveries by that country of Canadian military equipment to Azerbaijan.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke of a possible breach of military equipment sales agreements at a press conference.


Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

“We have to make sure that the rules and the agreements in the contract for the use (of Canadian material) have been respected,” he said.

“We heard that there were concerns that they weren’t, and we continue to see examples and evidence that maybe they weren’t,” he said. he adds.

Ankara sharply criticized Canada’s decision to suspend its arms exports to Turkey, “a NATO ally”.

Turkey is a staunch ally of Azerbaijan in the conflict for control of the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Photos of parts of the downed drone were taken Thursday by a photographer from the Canadian newspaper dispatched to an Armenian military complex.

An expert quoted by the daily, Kelsey Gallagher, says the photos show an MX-15D imaging and targeting system made by Canadian company L3Harris Wescam.

Ottawa issued permits in May to the Burlington, Ont., Company to export the systems to Turkish drone maker Baykar.

“While we know this is a Wescam sensor, just looking at the turret itself, the CMX-15D mention on the baseplate serial code makes it irrefutable that it is. is a material made in Canada, ”said Mr. Gallagher. “The same baseplate also contains the inscription Baykar, the maker of the Turkish drone Bayraktar TB2,” he said.

Populated mainly by Armenians, Nagorno-Karabakh seceded from Azerbaijan at the end of the USSR, leading to a war in the early 1990s which had left 30,000 dead. Baku has since demanded the withdrawal of Armenia from this region.

Justin Trudeau has issued a new call for a negotiated settlement to the conflict.

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