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Thursday, November 26

“We are not going to bring the pandemic under control” says White House

Donald Trump again caught up with the Covid-19. US Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff has tested positive. The president’s chief of staff took the opportunity to deliver this admission: “We will not control the pandemic. We will make sure that we have the vaccines, the drugs or other palliative means.”

A health situation that does not frighten the president. Left behind in the nationwide polls, he continues to beat the campaign in key states like here in Londonderry, New Hampshire. As usual, the White House host and reelection candidate harangued the crowd: “We are at a key moment. We have the vaccines, we have everything we need. We are at a key moment. . Even without the vaccines, we take a turn and it will be behind us. And you know thanks to whom? Thanks to me. Do you realize? (…) I can’t stay 18 months in a basement because of that. Or lock me up for an hour and a half in a beautiful room in the White House. When you’re president, you have to do the job. “

The words of the chief of staff of the White House are the cabbage of the Democrats. In a meeting in Michigan, Democratic running mate Kamala Harris believes that the Trump administration is giving up on the pandemic. “We must all thank journalist Bob Woodward because thanks to him, we know that Donald Trump was informed of the nature of the virus as of January 28, she said. He was informed that it was fatal, that it could kill five times more people than the flu. “

The death toll from Covid in the United States is now around 225,000. Early voting is enjoying unprecedented success, as shown by the long lines of voters in New York.


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