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Thursday, November 26

Confinement in Wales: anger and confusion over what to buy and what not to buy

No right to buy books or baby clothes, even in open stores: confined since Friday and limited to purchases of “essential” products, more than 65,000 Welsh people signed a petition on Monday demanding the abandonment of these rules deemed disproportionate ”.

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Since Friday evening and until November 9, Wales’ more than three million people must “stay at home”, this province becoming the first in the United Kingdom to resolve again to a lockdown to fight against the spread of the new coronavirus.

All businesses deemed “non-essential” had to close. In the stores that are still open, departments selling non-food products have been made inaccessible to the public.

A petition has been put into circulation calling for the end of this measure which “will do more harm than good”.

Kids clothing

“We don’t agree, for example, on a ban on parents buying clothes for their children during the lockdown period when they shop. It is disproportionate and cruel and we ask that this decision be overturned immediately ”, explain the authors of the petition.

A customer at a Tesco supermarket complained on Twitter that she was unable to purchase sanitary protection, with the store telling her it had been “urged by the Welsh government not to sell these products” during the lockdown.

“It’s wrong. Periodic protection is essential, “replied the Welsh government on the social network, adding that” supermarkets can still sell items that can be sold in pharmacies.

The supermarket chain then admitted its mistake and apologized.

“Chaos and confusion”

But for the elected Conservative Andrew Davies, in the opposition, the ban on buying non-essential products “must be abandoned” because it generates “chaos and confusion”.

The Welsh government is due to meet with retailers on Monday afternoon to review the rules and recommendations and ensure they are applied “fairly”, Health Minister Vaughan Gething said at a conference hurry. He called on retailers and customers to use “common sense”.

The United Kingdom is the country in Europe most bereaved by the pandemic with more than 44,000 dead.

In Wales, 616 people who test positive for the coronavirus are hospitalized, the highest figure since May 24.

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