Brenda arrived at her parents' house at 2:00 in the morning to take care of their children. They did not know the tragedy that was coming. - The Canadian
Sunday, November 29

Brenda arrived at her parents’ house at 2:00 in the morning to take care of their children. They did not know the tragedy that was coming.

Photo: Watsonville Police Department.

  • César Hernández, 47, is charged with the murder of his wife Brenda Becerra, 24, in California.
  • Hernández, a native of Mexico, was detained at the San Ysidro border while trying to escape.
  • According to the Watsonville Police Department, the man struck and suffocated the mother of his two children.

César Hernández was arrested in California accused of the murder of his wife Brenda Becerra in an incident of domestic violence.

Hernández, 47, faces second-degree murder charges in the death of Becerra, 24, charged by the Watsonville Police Department (WPD) in Northern California.

Becerra’s death allegedly at the hands of her husband occurred in October, which since 1981 has been designated by the United States government as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

According to the arrest warrant against Hernández, consulted by MundoHispánico, the tragedy in Becerra’s death began as a report of his disappearance.

On Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 2:00 in the morning, Becerra’s parents saw their daughter arrive who was taking their two young children to take care of them for the rest of the night.

Becerra’s relatives, whose names will not be revealed to protect her identity, later told authorities that the young mother was behaving erratically and looking distraught when she arrived home.

After the woman left her family home, she was never heard from again.

After several hours of anguish because Becerra did not return for her children, her family became concerned and called the WPD to report the unusual visit of the woman at dawn and then her strange absence.

Then the officers attended the home of Becerra and her husband César Hernández and they were struck by the fact that the couple’s cars were not there.

César Hernández, 47, is already being held in the Santa Cruz County Jail on charges of the death of his wife Brenda Becerra. (Photo: Watsonville Police Department)

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