Tuesday, October 20

Raúl de Molina shows his little fish markets on the beach and is showered by admirers | The NY Journal

Univision’s “El Gordo” took a dip on the beach and the followers filled him with compliments

Raúl de Molina.

Photo: Joe Buglewicz / Getty Images

Just a few days ago, Raul de Molina He went to the beach, where he has been taking walks every day to keep himself as healthy as possible. This time he decided to strip off his clothes, keep a short-shaped swimsuit and jump into the water like an expert.

We already know that the driver of “The fat and the skinny” He has always been very open about the weight problems that he has dealt with for most of his life, so he is not ashamed to show himself in minor clothes. Therefore, this time he immersed himself and even played to look “sexy” and get the attention of many of his followers who did not stop throwing compliments as if he were a soap opera heartthrob.

  • “How clever the sharks are going to be.”
  • “How good Raúl I’m glad to see him always so handsome, active and happy!”
  • “You look cute Raúl !!! That is my skinny beauty ”.
  • “I love you my fat beauty.”

There is no doubt that even when the world and especially the media are experiencing a very strong impact due to the situation of the pandemic, “Fat” Raul He always takes a moment to spread his mind and also share it with his most loyal followers.


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