Monday, October 26

With tears, LARRY HERNÁNDEZ, gives ‘sad’ news and his followers are scandalized

  • A video that appears on social networks of Larry Hernández crying scares fans
  • The video can be seen on his Tik Tok account
  • “I have to say goodbye to you …”, said the singer

Larry Hernández Tik Tok. Through social networks a video of Larry Hernández appeared that has caused all his fans to worry about him singeras it appears crying.

This video was made by the singer on his official Tik Tok account, Larry is seen crying and beginning with the words: “I have to say goodbye to you …”.

Anyone watching the video would think that something bad happened to Larry, because of how worried he looked while broadcasting.


Later, Larry Hernández would be even more surprising when he said: “I’m not going to be in Tik Tok anymore,” said the singer, sounding even more concerned than usual, removing the doubts of his followers.

But surprise! It all turned out to be a joke by the singer when he said: “I’ll be back at Tik Tok tomorrow, not today because it’s too late”, making it clear Larry’s great sense of humor.

This caused the anger of some of his followers who immediately commented on the post: “I was scared I thought something had happened to you God bless you Larry” said a concerned follower.

“Aaaaayy you scared me. I love you “,” well gossip I thought something had happened “,” hahaha pin … larry “,” Omg even worried “,” don’t do that I thought something had happened OMG hugs hard “,” Wooow Larry, you have I work as an actor too, I really believed it “,” Now you made my day so sad that I was walking Ahahaha “,” I love your sense of humor that you have “, were some of the various comments he received.

Highlighting that not all the followers were angry, many took it with good humor, although at first they got a good scare.


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