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Melania tapes: First Lady attacks ex-confidante after revealed phone calls

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Tape recordings of Melania Trump reveal how Melania feels about her duties as first lady. But the “Melania Tapes” don’t just reveal that. Now Melania has commented on the recordings.

  • Tape recordings reveal shocking quotes and views from Donald Trumps Wife.
  • The “Melania Tapes“Show a completely overwhelmed First Lady Melania Trump.
  • Melania admits that the recordings are made by her, but sees herself as “first lady” in no responsibility.

Update from Saturday, October 17th, 2020, 5.30 p.m .: After the revelations about the secretly recorded phone calls from Melania Trump with her confidante Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the so-called „Melania Tapes“, the wife of US-Präsident Donald Trump has now issued a statement on the White House website.

Melania Trump admits “Melania Tapes” – but plays down the relationship with her ex-confidante

The wife of Melania Trump admits in the letter that the recordings are her voice and expressions of her, as well as CNN reported. Melania Trump plays her relationship with her former confidante Stephanie Winston Wolkoff but down: your former advisor who Melania Known since the 1990s and with whom she had worked until 2018, she said she “hardly knew”. The statements of Melania, in which the first lady is sometimes very indiscreet about her duties as First Lady and their feelings are also reported – according to information from Melania – completely out of context.

Melania Trump admits “Melania Tapes” – but plays down the relationship with confidants.


Melania Tapes: Melania sees no responsibility for published phone calls

It remains questionable whether Melania Trump It was not clear that such statements were about her emotional life and her views on her role as First Lady as well as the family Trump could reach the public. Here too sees himself Melania not the responsibility of one First Ladybut as the victim of a woman “who secretly recorded phone calls, tore parts of me out of context and published them, and then wrote a book of rotten rumors that distort my character.”

Melania Trump: After shocking statements, she attacks ex-confidants

Melania Trump apparently doesn’t see anything wrong with her statements about children of migrant families. Once again she put her commitment to children in the center of her writing. Last made Melania Trump especially by the Corona-Infection of yourself, your husband Donald Trump and their son Barron Trump Headlines. Played again and again Trumpthat as US President enjoys privileges such as good medical care with his family Coronavirus down. So also with his son Barron Trumpwho should not have known that he did Coronavirus would have. In the US, around 218,500 people have already died from it Coronavirus.

Melania tapes: audio recordings of the first lady reveal shocking details

First registration from Friday, October 2nd, 2020: Washington – Another week of chaos for US-Präsident Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump: After Trump’s close advisor Hope Hicks had previously tested positive for the corona virus, shared Donald Trump on Friday morning (October 2nd, 2020) on Twitter that he and his wife Melania Trump are also infected with the corona virus. Both had previously attended an event in the rose garden of the White House, which is now apparently developing into a superspread event.

Uncomfortable for Melania Trump This week there should also be the publication of new tape recordings on CNN with undisguised blasphemies from the First Lady: The “Melania Tapes“Are making waves in the US right now.

Melania Trump: Secret tapes reveal views of the first lady

The recording of a phone call from Melania Trump with her former confidante Stephanie Winston Wolkoff from 2018 this week of CNN released. In it swears and curses Melania Trump about her job of decorating the White House for Christmas. It sounds frustrated and not at all Christian when Melania Trump with an unmistakable accent roughly says that she has “worked her ass off” (“I put my ass off”). And: “Who is interested in the damn Christmas stuff and decorations? But I have to do it, right? “(” Who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decoration. But I need to do it, right? “)

The US First Lady traditionally plays an important role around Christmas. But Melania Trump does not seem to be very happy about these tasks, as the “Melania Tapes” reveal.


“Melania Tapes”: Cursing First Lady is likely to anger Christian voters

The revelations about Melanias Statements are likely Donald Trumps Conservative and Christian voters, including many evangelicals, are not exactly delighting. Uses the otherwise cautious acting First Lady Melania Trump In the allegedly recorded phone call, there were numerous verbal lapses, which are very reminiscent of her husband’s behavior. The revelations come for Donald Trump very inconvenient shortly before the US presidential election. Especially since the tapes also prove that Melania had known about the use of the mask against the coronavirus for a long time and was still not wearing a mask.

The ones on the are really morally questionable Melania Tapes“* recorded statements on migrant children. Because after the Christmas decoration, Melania Trump was asked about children who have been separated from their families. Whereupon the first lady says to her friend: “Give me a damn break.” (“Give me af *** break.”) And Melania complains further: “Where did you say something when Obama did that?” The background is her husband’s immigration policy: In 2018, the Trump administration separated children from families who had entered the country illegally and kept them in custody. Trump is widely criticized for his rigid immigration policy and celebrated by supporters such as conservatives and the right.

Melania Trump: Migrants know how to lie to border officials

Melania Trump says on the phone that she tried to bring a child together with his family, but failed because of the law. Media also come Melania Trump not going well: The free media didn’t want to do the story, just Fox News. But she didn’t want to go to Fox News.

Alleged in part of the tape recording Melania, who did not acquire American citizenship until 2006, and that mothers and children learned how to lie to border guards. “They go over and say, ‘We’re being killed by a gang member, it’s so dangerous.'” So they should stay there die First Lady have said further, as well as the WORLD reported.

Former confidante of Melania Trump publishes disclosure book with “Melania Tapes”

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff previously had the reveal book “Melania and Me. The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady” about her relationship with Melania Trump published, which ended in 2018 in the dispute and the expulsion of Wolkoff from the White House. US President Donald Trump and go against the book Melania Trump also legally before, reports The Daily Beast.

Melania Trump acts on the so-called “Melania Tapes“As if she were with her role as First Lady completely overwhelmed. Following the recordings on CNN, the writer of the reveal book tells host Anderson Cooper that Melania Trump probably with no one in the Trump-Family can talk about their problems. Melania Trump should opposite Wolkoff in the White House also about the Trump family, especially about the favorite daughter of the US presidents, Ivanka Trumphave blasphemed. * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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