Friday, October 23

Media report: China threatens Washington with arresting Americans

Trump versus Xi: A graffiti in El Alto, Bolivia, portrays the conflict between the two world powers.
Image: Reuters

The Chinese government has repeatedly used arbitrary arrests for political purposes in the past. Now she is said to have threatened the American government.

Dhe Chinese government threatened the United States with the arrest of Americans in retaliation for indicting Chinese students with links to the military, according to a newspaper report. The Wall Street Journal reported, citing various sources, that representatives of the Chinese government had transmitted warnings to employees of the American government several times on different channels. China is said to have sent the message that either the charges against Chinese students would be ended in court or that Americans could be charged with violating Chinese law.

Last month, the Washington State Department warned against traveling to China because the Chinese government was using arbitrary arrests and travel bans as “room for maneuver” with foreign governments. Last July, the FBI arrested three Chinese people on charges of hiding their membership in the People’s Liberation Army. The three defendants wanted to apply for visas for research at American institutions. Washington has repeatedly accused China of stealing technology and military expertise to overtake the United States as the leading financial and military power.

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