Friday, October 23

Justice Minister Lambrecht: “We have to give good reasons for measures on Corona”

Christine Lambrecht (SPD), Federal Minister of Justice, in Berlin in June
Image: dpa

To protect against the corona pandemic, politics also had to restrict basic rights, says Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht. The SPD politician defends upload filters on the Internet and tougher sanctions for companies.

Minister Lambrecht, the federal and state governments have decided on strict requirements in the fight against Corona, which are implemented differently from state to state. Many would like to see greater uniformity. They also?

Corinna Budras

I can understand the desire for uniform regulations. Federalism, however, offers us the opportunity to respond to the very different pandemic situations in the individual federal states in a graduated and appropriate manner. It is very important that proportionality is maintained in all measures. So we have come through the Corona crisis relatively well. All measures taken serve the sole purpose of upholding the basic right to life and physical integrity. This fundamental right also gives us protection obligations, and we let ourselves be guided by them. In order to achieve this goal, other basic rights had to be restricted. But many measures have been upheld by the courts.

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