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Joe Biden regains the votes that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 | The NY Journal

The Democratic candidate has more prestige and that makes him a stronger candidate

Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate

Photo: ROBERTO SCHMIDT / AFP / Getty Images

Joe Biden’s candidacy looks stronger than Hillary Clinton’s in 2016, based on some variables.

The Former Secretary of State was a favorite over Donald Trump, but in the end he lost the presidency due to his poor performance in key states. Studies on these results indicated that Clinton never mobilized the electoral base that gave victory to Barack Obama twice.

The situation is different for Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate in these elections. The former vice president achieved an overwhelming victory in the primaries of that party despite the fact that the socialist Bernie Sanders appeared as a favorite. Biden had victories in states that Clinton lost in 2016 to Sanders and Trump.

A New York Times report proves that Biden has regained many of the votes that Democrats lost in 2016. One factor that makes the difference is that the Obama presidency it is not as associated with the idea of ​​a corrupt political establishment as is the case with the Clintons. Being Obama’s second gave Biden a kind of electoral immunity despite his more than 40 years of experience in the halls of Washington.

“I think I had a bad taste in my mouth from your husband’s eight years in office,” Thomas Moline, a Minnesota voter who voted for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party in 2016, told the Times because he did not like Trump.

Something similar felt Sarah Brown, from Wisconsin, who in 2016 voted for Trump but this year she will vote for Biden for being the lesser evil.

“I did not like it Hillary Clinton, I felt she was a fraud, that she was lying and conspiring“Brown told the New York media.

The preference for Biden over Clinton is also interpreted as machismo by some experts.

“The Republicans did a fantastic job of making Hillary Clinton look like the devil for the past 20 years, so it was hard to sell,” said Aaron Stearns, chairman of the Democratic Party in Warren County in Pennsylvania, one of the states. in which Biden and Trump will dispute every inch. “It’s a lot easier with Joe Biden because he’s a man and he’s an old white man. I hate to say that, but it’s the truth. “

The Times article also notes that advisers to Sanders and Trump have faced difficulties in attacking Biden. The Republican campaign has come to relive the Clinton email scandals of 2016.

“He’s a tough guy to hit,” Ben Tulchin, who conducted polls for Sanders’ campaign, told the Times.

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