Thursday, October 22

Hispanic saw her boyfriend with another and not only ‘humiliated’ herself in front of everyone, she did something worse and now they tell her to value herself

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  • A young woman asks her boyfriend on her knees to return after seeing him with another woman
  • This happened in a market in Peru
  • Supposedly she had been separated from her ex for a short time, and it did not seem like she was with another woman so soon

According to a report on the portal of SPDnewsThrough social networks, a video is circulating on Twitter that has already gone viral since you can see how a young woman asks her ex-boyfriend for her knees to return.

This event occurred in Peru, more specifically in a market in that country where several people saw the humiliating act of the young woman and it was even recorded.

In the video it can be seen that a young woman discovers her ex-partner who was walking with another woman, when suddenly the young woman goes against the other woman throwing blows at her and the ex-boyfriend.


“I thought you loved me, I thought you did,” says the upset young woman to the ex-boyfriend.

Supposedly the possible reason why the young woman got upset like this was because they had been apart for a short time and she did not like that her ex-boyfriend was with another woman so soon.

“That’s what you wanted, that’s why you asked me for time, you’re an idio …”, he yells at his ex.

Already upset, the young woman throws herself against the young man who was her ex-boyfriend to hit him, causing the woman who accompanied the man to get in to separate them.

The ex-boyfriend immediately lets go and tries to leave the scene with his other partner, but the ex-girlfriend clings to him, hugs him and then kneels down and begs him to come back.


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