Saturday, October 24

Four-year-old puts drug spoon in her mouth on the playground in Görlitzer Park

Excitement among Berlin parents: A girl is said to have put drug equipment in her mouth on a playground in Görlitzer Park. Now the two state day-care centers in the Kiez are no longer allowed to use the playground, like the “Berlin newspaper” and the “BZ“reported.

The mother went to the hospital with her daughter after the incident. There the doctors assured her that it was extremely unlikely that her child would have contracted an illness.

However, this is not the first incident of this kind: playgrounds are increasingly being haunted by homeless people and drug users. The result: Children repeatedly come across drug accessories.

Kindergarten supervision declared Görlitzer Park a restricted area

For the two state daycare centers that frequently use the playground, the Görlitzer Park was declared a restricted area by the daycare supervision after the incident. The safety of the children can no longer be guaranteed, it is said.

“Of course it feels good that we are noticed with our problem”, quoted the “Berliner Zeitung” the mother of the girl who put the drug spoon in her mouth. However, she hopes that there is a bigger plan behind the ban, “and that the social problems in the neighborhood will finally be tackled instead of just demonizing the drug users and dealers in the park again”.

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