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Everything collapsed: Sylvie Meis is still burdened by the bitter fight against cancer

At the end of September, Sylvie Mei’s artist Niclas Castello tied the knot in Florence, Italy. The TV presenter beamed in her white wedding dress, looked relaxed and happy. It’s the side of the model that the public has gotten used to: Meis as a confident, strong woman.

But there were also difficult times in the Dutch woman’s life, especially in 2009 when Meis was diagnosed with breast cancer. At that time, she was still living in Madrid with her ex-husband and soccer star Rafael van der Vaart. In an interview with the “Image” Meis now speaks unusually openly about the most difficult time in her life so far.

Sylvie Meis: “It felt like everything collapsed under me”

“I know my body very well, I register every slightest discrepancy immediately. I was in ours Apartment in Madrid and wanted to pack a sweater in the top cupboard compartment. As I stretched, I felt a stitch on the side of my chest. I knew straight away: Something is different, ”is how the 42-year-old describes the moment when she first noticed something. Despite the pain, Meis did nothing at first.

Some time later, however, after a business trip, she sat exhausted on the sofa at home and thought of the strange pain. “I automatically touched the spot and felt a knot there,” says Meis, describing the moment that changed her life.

The fear of the impending diagnosis was like a shock for the TV presenter, who was on the “Supertalent” jury at RTL at the time and was successfully building her career in Germany. “It felt like everything was collapsing under me. There was an earthquake in my head, ”she told the“ Bild ”newspaper.

When the diagnosis was made days later, “I started to cry,” says Mais, only to then bravely take up the fight against cancer: “I decided: the cancer has to get out. The next day I had an operation. “

Sylvie Meis on cancer: “It was hell”

Meis’s illness was anything but problem-free. The cancer spread to her lymph nodes. The full therapy program including chemo followed. Nevertheless, Meis continued to appear in the “Super Talent”. “It was hell” she describes the time in “Bild”. “In retrospect, I don’t recommend this to anyone. Chemo on Mondays in Madrid, Thursday to Sunday for the ‘super talent’ – in Cologne. I gritted my teeth. I completed the semi-finals, a live show, with a fever of 41 degrees. To this day, I still don’t know how I did it. “

Today the TV presenter is considered cured. Nevertheless, she continues to take medication and has to take regular preventive measures. The time from then has left its mark on Meis until today. “I was more naive and carefree at the time. Today I make myself aware every day that we only have one life and that this is finite. “

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