Tuesday, October 20

Europe deplores 250,000 deaths from Covid, new restriction measures

Europe now deplores more than 250,000 deaths from Covid. The last country on the continent to take restrictive measures, Switzerland. The increase in the number of cases is exponential. Obligation now to wear the mask in public places closed such as stations, airports or buses. Alain Berset, Swiss Minister of Health, said: “The measures will be valid from tomorrow. The compulsory wearing of a mask inside establishments accessible to the public, the prohibition of spontaneous gatherings of more than fifteen people – you will tell me this is rare in winter but well, we plan to do so anyway – consumption seated in public places, restaurants, bars, the restriction for private events, this is where the most infections take place today, we know that. “

Italy reported 10,000 new cases on Friday, its all-time high in a single day. Since Saturday, bars and restaurants have to close at midnight in Lombardy. Police also patrol other areas, such as here in Rome to verify that restrictive measures are being applied. The government has released an additional 39 billion euros to fight the Covid.

Finally, in Prague, Czech Republic, thousands of people gathered to demand the resignation of the Minister of Health, in charge of the restrictive measures. The demonstration took a violent turn when the police attempted to disperse the crowd with water cannon and tear gas.


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