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Bertrand, Pécresse, Ciotti … The proposals of the right after the attack of Conflans

Several right-wing politicians are putting forward ideas after the beheading of Samuel Paty, the teacher who had shown caricatures of Muhammad to his students.

With each attack, the leaders of the opposition step up to propose new measures so that the situation does not arise in the future. The attack on Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, which claimed the life of Samuel Paty, a history and geography teacher who had shown caricatures of Muhammad to his students, is no exception. Several right-wing political figures have multiplied the proposals since Friday, while Emmanuel Macron is chairing a defense council this Sunday evening, which meets to discuss in particular the state of the Islamist threat.

  • Pécresse wants the creation of “police-justice cells”

The president of the Ile-de-France region Valérie Pécresse asked this Sunday for the creation of “police-justice cells” so that teachers and students can make “reports” in the event of a threat, after the beheading of the teacher. According to Valérie Pécresse (ex-LR), “we will have to strike very quickly, very hard, we will have to ensure the protection of our teachers”. And “it is not the National Education which will manage to do it, it is the police and the justice system”, she declared during the Great meeting for Europe 1, Cnews and The echoes.

“This is why I am asking for a police-justice unit to report” for “our teachers, as soon as they are the subject of threats, pressure from students or their families”, continued the president. from Free! These cells should also be available to students, said the president of the Ile-de-France regional council, recalling the case of Mila, a teenage girl harassed for having criticized Islam on social networks. It is a question of “avoiding the ‘no wave'”, she underlined in reference to the movement of the professors who consider themselves let down by their hierarchy during incidents related to Islam.

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Beyond that, Valérie Pécresse judges that “we must roll back Islamism, today it is in our schools”. “We must assume very strong principles” and from the start of the school year “on Monday, November 2, there should be a pedagogical day entirely devoted to freedom of expression in each class”, to be able “to talk about the right to caricature and show caricatures “. In addition, “we must ban any association which claims to be Islam and which does not publicly condemn this abject crime” committed Friday, advocates the president of the region. Likewise “we must close any mosque which does not clearly condemn” this beheading.

  • Ciotti wants a referendum in favor of secularism

LR deputy Eric Ciotti is the first to plead this Sunday in the Sunday newspaper in favor of a referendum to “put at the heart of our Republic a demanding secularism”. According to him, “we must attack symbols” and “the veil is one because it is the weapon of submission for the Islamists”.

“Are we still able today to act with courage? The question is put to President Macron. The answer will depend on the survival of our nation. This tragedy must lead to a national leap. The measures contained in the text on the separatism are ridiculous weakness. It takes a real shock “, advocates the elected representative of the Alpes-Maritimes, specialist in security on the right.

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“The veil as an instrument of sexual apartheid has nothing to do at university or in public services, of course for the agents but it should also be the case for the users”, affirms Eric Ciotti. He also wants the veil to be banned for parents accompanying school.

  • Bertrand calls for tougher sanctions in the event of an attack on secularism

The ex-LR president of Hauts-de-France Xavier Bertrand wants to “go to war against the Islamists”. “We are at a tipping point in our country. Speeches, rallies, it matters”, but “yes or no, are we going to war against the Islamists?”, He asked this Sunday during the program Le Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI.

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According to the regional president, “we must create new legal sanctions for those who attack the principle of secularism and the values ​​of the Republic”, for example for the parents of pupils “who say that do not go to courses on the history of the Shoah “, or for those who do not respect equality between men and women. He pleads so that “we lead a real republican offensive: that France finds its place everywhere, on all the territory”.

To tighten these sanctions, Xavier Bertrand stresses that “we must change the law,” he advocates. “This requires a modification of the Constitution on certain points”: it would thus be necessary by referendum “to consecrate the principle of secularism at the same level as equality, freedom, fraternity”. A proposal that joins that of Eric Ciotti.

In addition, develops the official on the right, “all those on French territory of foreign nationality who commit an offense or a crime, attack the values ​​of the Republic, must leave the territory”. And “all those who claim to be Salafism, the Muslim Brotherhood, must be banned from practicing in our country”. Xavier Bertrand also wants to “restrict use, access” to social networks “for those who advocate terrorism and hatred”.

  • Abad campaigns for the pantheonization of Samuel Paty

The leader of LR deputies Damien Abad for his part suggested on Saturday the pantheonization of Professor Samuel Paty. “The gatherings and tributes, necessary, are no longer sufficient,” said the elected representative of Ain in The Parisian, while a national tribute, initiated by Emmanuel Macron, must be paid Wednesday to this professor of history and geography of Yvelines, victim of a “characterized Islamist attack”, according to the head of state.

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“We must take a strong symbolic act. This professor is not a simple victim of terrorism but a martyr of the Republic”, continues Damien Abad. The Pantheon is “the republican temple, the place of collective memory par excellence”, he underlines. And to argue: “The terrorists wanted to behead the Republic. It must be shown that it is standing. It goes beyond the very person of Samuel Paty”.

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