Wednesday, October 28

Anti-masks cause mayhem on a ferry in BC

A group of anti-mask protesters are temporarily blacklisted by cruise line BC Ferries after they displayed derogatory and aggressive behavior towards passengers on a crossing from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay on Saturday morning.

The same day a demonstration was held in Vancouver against the wearing of masks and other health measures, and everything suggested that the group in question intended to join the event, according to the spokesperson for BC Ferries, as quoted by the Vancouver Sun.

However, the rowdy passengers instead encountered a team of West Vancouver police officers upon arrival at Horseshoe Bay. Disembarkation was delayed by the cruise line’s crew in order to allow time for agents to arrive on the scene.

The incident took place during the 8:30 a.m. crossing and involved nearly 50 protesters, West Vancouver police said. About 12 people have been temporarily banned from BC Ferries, the company said.

Vancouver is the scene of two days of anti-mask protests this weekend, dubbed the “Freedom Mega Rally”.

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